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New Dm

New Dm

Hello all ^.^. My name is Chris but I go by C. I have been slowly building a One Piece campaign setting based off a hybrid between AnimeD20 and Pathfinder. I have a pretty good understanding of how my feats get converted and how to build characters based off the math I have been developing with a friend, who will be playing. I was hoping to maybe get pointers on how to DM. Seeing as I have played for about a year now, mostly pathfinder and 1 game of 5e, I wanted to try DMing now. I have someone playing who has been playing for 15 to 20 years now and he will be helping me during the game to help keep players invested but outside of it with world building I am somewhat lost.

For those that don't know how One Piece works. Most people get powers from things called Devil Fruits and then they make them super unique, hence AnimeD20. I have close to 50 major characters that will influence the world constantly built to some degree now and have the islands built. Specifically I guess I am wondering how to make the players more invested in the world.

Thanks for taking the time to read and possibly help. If interested I can show a few of the toons I have built for the world.


Sounds like it could be a fun game, I'm a big fan of Pathfinder, not much in Anime, best advice I can give you for DMing is, don't look up rules during play sessions, just make a decision that you think will be fun and keep the game goin, look u the rules between the gaming sessions, let the players know how it will be next time. Expect the unexpected, Players are unpredictable, get used to making thing up on the fly and then come up with a way to expand on it later. Be prepared to give up on your planned out quest because the Players talk to an NPC and latch onto something they say

Thank you demilich.

Those are great suggestions. My first or second time playing I remember our DM set up a dire bear encounter to make us run and we just said nope and went to town killing it (5 levels higher then the party). Definitely going to prepare as much and then just go with it on the fly.

Also great suggestion with the rules. I didn't think that much about it, but it makes complete sense.

Any other suggestions please tell me.

I also think I might have posted this in the wrong section so if a mod sees this can they please move it to the correct section.

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