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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

Watch it bring you to your knees!

Your first decision is if you want to play meat-grinder mode. This means your save DC will be 15 instead of 10 for death saves. I will be playing this game overall on a hard level, without pulling punches. The group will be arriving in Chult as eager to adventure characters. The Death Curse will not be known at first, as I will be running some modules and encounters to get the game going.

Have some things to clarify:
1. So the new AL rules have made factions irrelevant and unnecessary?
2. To be a member, one must take on the Faction Agent background?
3. To play Lawful Evil characters, one must be a member of Zhentarium or Lord's faction (no change from previous)?

1. Yes - except for role-play and possible future development
2.you can take the Safe Haven feature without taking the background
3. Unfortunately that is the rules. I do feel like evil is more of a title than a personality so could just go LN and play as you would. I you want to be LE then you need the feature. As long as you aren't evil to PC I can handle evil to NPCs. If this character ends up in other games it's up to the DM. You are required to somewhat work in a party per AL rules

I am hoping for 1-2 more players. And will leave it open should we get one. If you make it to the second or third chapter we could possibly recruit a higher level player too which may show some interest.

I do have a fighter I just rolled up. If we don't get a melee character I can pull Quill and bring her on board.


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