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House Rules

House Rules

Character Creation
Roll stats using 4d6v1. Arrange your rolls to your taste. Because there is an array option there will be no rerolls. Or use this array (17,16,15,14,12,10) again arranged to taste and racially modified.

I will add; Charisma is a statistic with modifiers. If you use it as a dump stat don't be surprised if you write beautiful monolog and I roll a negative reaction and you get attacked. Beautiful prose is what you think is coming out of your mouth. "Yo! Jackass drop your weapons or die." is what your character is actually saying. I almost always roll reactions and Charisma is how you get positive modifiers to reaction rolls. It is part of the game and adds that unknown element. Also I average reaction mods by everyone who talks so if you have a low charisma it is best not to talk during negotiations. Warning over!

Starting XP
Brand New shiny characters with 0 XP.

Starting Treasure
Standard Starting Gold

No Psionics!

Players Handbook classes are allowed except as noted below.
Thief-Acrobats from the UA are allowed.

Human Characters with Two Classes
A character may not begin with two classes and you must gain at least one level in game before switching.

Players Handbook races
No Unearthed Arcana anything to do with race.
I will use the standard PHB level limits for demi-humans.

Hit Points
1st level is max plus a half roll, for example Fighter 1d5+10. All other levels reroll 1's.

Spell books
Characters with spell books can roll learn spell on spells of their choice until they have their minimum 1st level spells. No rolling for Read Magic and Detect Magic (they are automatic but still count against your minimum).

All UA Spells are allowed in addition to those in the PHB.

Weapon Specialization
Unearthed Arcana weapon specialization is being used. Paladins and multi-classed fighter and rangers can make use of it as well. Double specialization (Sx2) is allowed. WP slots can be used to specialize with weapons after character creation. Missile specialization will work just like melee weapons, you get the pluses to hit and damage and the improved attacks per round as noted but not the other jazz, no double damage or point blank range, and it still cost one more than a melee weapon to do and you can double specialize.

Critical hits and Fumbles happen on a natural roll of 20 or 1 respectively. I am going to try Critical Hits and Misses from Dragon Magazine. If it slows things down to much we will go back to the standard, fumble = loss of action for next round, critical = double damage.

BTB! Group initiative. All those other mods are just to break up simultaneous initiative. I will roll initiative for both sides every round. It is just easiest that way.

Allowed Illusionist Magic Items:
Amend the list on PHB page 26 to read, in addition illusionist can use any magic item that duplicates an effect of one of their spells. If the item has multiple functions the illusionist can only use those that duplicate the effect of their spells.

Ability Checks:
I hate them. I will come up with something else on the fly or use what is built into the module. Statistics will come into play but I don't think success and failure should be completely based off a stat.

Actions in a Round:
This is more for us to be able to keep it straight than a house rule. You can choose one action in a round. Move, Melee Attack, Missile Attack, Switch Weapons, Cast Spell or Charge... There are many actions but those take in most of them. The only way to enter melee combat is to charge (only possible once per turn) or move into melee range, in which case you can attack the next round, start your turn in melee range of an enemy.

A brief note on IC Posting.

I would like you to refrain from including images or links to sheets in posts as well. Share as little raw data about your character as you can. Lets have it come out as we progress. I do like using colored speech. I think a character's choice of color for speech can tell a good deal about him/her as well. So I encourage you to look through the extended list of colors and pick one that is fitting. This is in no way required but I think it can be used to good effect.

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