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OOC Thread

I'm a bit busy this weekend but I'm planning on posting an app in the coming week.
I'm thinking about a Malkavian, Sandman predator, academic with mental issues as pre-embrace concept.

@Bearlord: I look forward to seeing more. Remember, your character should be from Gary and area or have a compelling reason to be hiding out there. Here are a couple of local colleges that a small-time academic in Gary might work for. Indiana University Northwest amd Ivy Tech Community College.

Cool if I run with a bit of small time criminality building in Gary? Mills will have a history with auto chop shops, maybe some small time thievery. In writing his history I might color in a few details.

Yea, small-time gangs and crime are rife in Gary. Definitely expect to see some a criminal Contact or two!

I think i might make a character as well, give the new system a try...

question though, is the game leaning towards Camarilla or Anarchs? i have concepts that could work for either but not both, and just want to know which to roll with

The game presumes an affiliation with the Anarchs, but the way I see it is that your Kindred are mostly uncommitted at the moment. Do they go full Anarch or try to ingratiate themselves with the Camarilla, that'll be for them to decide.

I have a couple of questions.

My character was born in Gary but is it ok if she went to college in Chicago and have at least a Contact there?
What about her Sire being based there and perhaps acting as a Mawla?

Is Psychology a specialisation of Academics or Science?

How many dots would a Dark secret to have killed her own brother (in frenzy as a vampire) be worth? She still has a younger brother and her mother in life and they still think she is human.

@Bearlord: Call it Science for Psychology specialty. I would say murder of kine wouldn't even rate as a Dark Secret. Now maybe if it led to some sort of Masquerade breach...

From what I'm getting so far, sounds like your character should be from Chicago but because they did something bad they're hiding out in Gary till they can go home, perhaps.


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