Character Creation Guidelines

BasicsHere is a summary of Character Creation and here is a fillable character sheet. is the format I lifted form @aerosaltant and others for character applications/home page and for IC stat blocks.
  • Player characters are at the Childer power level, nominally of the 13 generation with a Blood Potency of 1 and Humanity 7.
  • Players may be any of the clans from V5 and the Lasombra.
  • Here are the Loresheets from Chicago by Night!
  • We'll be using the "Show Don't Tell" method of character creation, meaning we'll detail your characters but will develop their Relationship Maps and flesh out the characters as we go. You'll only need to flesh out a single Conviction & Touchstone to start.
  • Character backstory need only be 2-3 paragraphs, divided into Mortal Days and Kindred Nights. At the Childer level, you should have been Embraced within the last 15 years and no later. You may also include bullet points about any plots and schemes your character might currently have, and they should probably include getting the hell out of Gary.
  • Blood Potency Chart
  • Player characters will begin their unlives in Gary, Indiana before moving onto Chicago as a sort of group prelude.
  • Chronicle Tenants will be discussed once the troupe has been assembled.