House Rules

Other Rules

Because this is a blended game between canon and homebrew, I feel it necessary to lay out some rules here regarding gameplay so that there is no confusion as to how things are going to go. Please keep in mind that this list may grow and/or change as things come up in-game!

Leveling Up
We are using milestones for this game.

In addition to this, you get the option of rolling for hit points OR taking the average at each level. You can roll first and decide after you roll.

Magic Items
We're back to keeping whatever you find, with the group deciding who gets which item. I'd really like the group to work together to get the items into the hands of the character that will benefit most from it, but we can always default to the d20 roll-off if necessary.

Mapping and Theater of Mind
I'm not going to map out the entire dungeon in one long image, but rather, I'll put up sections of the dungeon in separate images. I will not delete images, but I won't paste them together either. I'll try to keep as many notes on the maps that I draw for you as possible so that you'll be able to know which piece goes where, but I'd recommend that at least one of you copy the images and create an entire floor-by-floor map of the dungeon.

I also play by theater of the mind rules, so distances will always be approximate. Maps are usually not drawn to scale and should not be construed to be perfect representations of distance, etc. I will be relying on the concepts presented by Sky Flourish in this regard

We will roll for initiative for each combat encounter. I will roll for all enemies. Once all initiatives have been rolled, I will organize PCs and enemies into groups based on ranges of initiative scores (for instance the top 3 scores will be Group 1; 2nd 3 Group 2.) Once groups have been posted, actions will occur in the order in which players post to the forum within the currently active group. Enemies will always post last in a group.

Read posts closely. I don't allow retcons; if you attack something that went down in a previous post, your action still counts.

Will not be tolerated. Under any circumstances. I understand that there may be personality clashes, and you may disagree on stuff. But there will be no player vs. player combat here. You get no warnings on this; whoever throws the first punch, regardless of situation, gets kicked from the game. The victim in the situation may also face a ban if it is determined that they instigated or egged on the first player. To put this in hockey terms: Player 1 gets a game misconduct, and player 2 might get the matching major.

I sincerely hope I don't have to enforce this. This is a game, and we are all here to have fun.