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Character creation rules

Character creation rules

Remember, we're using this system, which is essentially Pathfinder, but with a couple of cool mods which will help us give this game a more explicitly JRPG-oriented feel. That said, here are the rules for creation.

Title of your app's topic: Name Surname, Race Class

Race: Human, or other races with human blood (Half-Elf, Half-Orc) are strongly preferred, although other core races are not forbidden.

Class: Any from the system linked above.

Level: We start at level 1

Base Stats: 25 points buy. As a side note, I tend to see stats as mere mechanics, rather than strict definitions of what your character is: as such, I won't force you to be a complete idiot who talks like a savage just because you put an 8 in Int, just to make an example. With that being said, I'm giving you such a high point buy for a reason: rather than min-maxing, try and have well-rounded stats.

Traits: FFD20 doesn't have these, but I'm ok with enriching your app by taking 2 (3 if you take a drawback) of this from the standard PF sources. Please avoid regional/campaign-specific traits.

Appearance: Post a pic and a very short description. I'm taking more than a few visual cues from the Disgaea series for this game, so going for something that has a similar art style is recommended, but not mandatory.

Personality: The most important aspect of the campaign will be your growth as individuals. You will have to interact with the world around you, form your own opinion and pick your stance on the complex issues of the setting, and make decisions that will dramatically affect the final outcome of the campaign. As such, the personality section of your app is going to be by far the most important one, for a simple reason: at first, you will know very little about the world outside Holt, being rather inexperienced youngsters... Meaning that, when making all those critical decisions I just mentioned, your only guiding lights will be your experiences in the campaign up to that point, and your own unique outlook and mindset towards the world around you. Meaning, the Personality section of your app is essentially a game mechanic here.
As a side-note, I will expect your actions throughout the campaign to be driven by what you write here, NOT by your alignment. In fact, given the way the campaign will flow, I don't care about alignment at all: unfortunately, there are many spells, feats and class abilities that interact with alignment, so for the sake of those I'll need you to write something in the alignment section of your sheet... But again, that will be a minor aspect when evaluating your app: what I care about is what you write in the Personality section.

Backstory: You're playing as youngsters who're going on their first major adventure: as such, I don't honestly expect you to have much to write in this section. Still, any additional info you may provide to make your character stand out is of course welcomed and appreciated.

1. Are only feats from ffd20 available or can we still choose those elements from normal pathfinder rules as long as they don't conflict with the ffd20 rules?

2. Are Feat Tax and/or Background Skill rules in effect?

3. Is there more information available on Holt (size, general wealth of the population, sense of community, etc)

1) The latter.

2) Feat Tax no. BG skills yes.

3) Not at this stage, no. I'll see if I can find the time to poste a write-up with all such info on Holt in the upcoming days.

Originally Posted by Somedude Products View Post
For classes with 2+int intelligence mod, is the minimum still 2+int or is it 4+int?

How exactly does this rule work? "A speedster’s base attack bonus increases by one step (from 1/2 BAB to 3/4 BAB)".

It changes your BAB fron 1/2 to 3/4.

In other words: from Wizard-like to Bard-like.

Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but how do we figure out HP and starting gold (or HL)? Do we roll for them?

Max HP, roll gold.

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