People known to the party

Mayor Doran
The mayor of Holt. He's weak-willed and kinda lame, but he nonetheless endeavors to do what is best for the town's people, despite the horrifying transformations everyone, himself very much included, are undergoing. The pimple on his chest has a will and a personality of its own.

Doran's wife and the town's resident witch. Back in the day she used to be a skilled conjurer and an adventurer: ironically enough, her reason for settling down with Doran was that Holt seemed a quiet, peaceful village, where no major crisis would ever occur. She knows a one-of-a-kind spell that can not only summon a creature's physical body, but also bind its will to that of a person by forming a contract. The term of the binding contract are absolute, and not even an Overlord may break them.

Son of Doran and Yeva, he's a nice and well-meaning, if somewhat shy, kid. Since he was given birth when the curse was already starting to corrupt the town, he ended up being affected by it despite not being an adult. His transformation makes him look like a cow for some reason.

Taro's younger sister, she too ended up being affected by the curse: spunky and energetic, she has no memory of what life was like before the curse, so she doesn't mind being a demonic abomination. In fact, she finds it to be kinda cool. Her cooking skills are renowned well beyond the boundaries of Holt.

Beauty Queen Etna
An up-and-coming nascent demon lord, who's making a name for herself in the area around Holt. According to rumors, her goal is to kill Overlord Deskari, so as to complete her transformation into a full-fledged demon lord while claiming the title of Overlord for herself.

Overlord Deskari
Cruel and sadistic as he is mysterious, Deskari is the current Overlord, ruling over the Abyssal armies with an iron fist. His goal is to enslave all the surface populations, slaying all those who dare to oppose him and warping the rest into demonic abominations via his curse. At will, he can transform into his true form, which is a gargantuan insectile monstrosity.