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The Butcher Shop

It serves as the general discussion thread.

Additional details:

-Deadline is January 13th.

-Food in general cost 1/10th the normal cost in the setting. Water is the same price as found in other cities (mostly why it's considered expensive)

-The Salt in Wounds City is in a Mountain-Valley region.

A Brief summary of Synoma:

Synoma: The Fantasy Cold War

Built upon the ruins of empires of old, the nations of men and others that rose after the fall of the ancients quickly realized that power was not measured by numbers in your armies, but by the amount of magic you dug up from the ground or developed within your own people. Massive Research and Exploration efforts began in earnest three hundred years ago and every (easily locatable) ruin or dungeon was secured by a state and plumbed for its secrets. Very rapidly, five great powers emerged; each with their own specialities and unique artifacts upon which their empires were founded. Nearly as quickly, however, they reached a stalemate as they each possessed magics capable of utterly obliterating their enemies (and possibly themselves). With open war too costly to conceive of (or at least that’s the hope of ordinary citizens) conflict has transferred to proxy wars fought over and on satellite states & spheres of influence, the relentless crusades to push back monstrous, demonic, or undead forces, and finally the so called ‘great game’ of adventurers.

The Great Game: The Role of Adventurers

Most adventurers in Synoma are usually loyalists pledged to one of the five great powers, although occasionally they are mercenaries happy to take the pay of whoever offers the most coin. More paranoid states control their adventurers via leveraging threats to their loved ones, rune-bound exploding slave collars to enforce compliance, and/or mind affecting magic. The five great powers have have identified ‘Paths to Power’ (what serves as character classes in other settings) and rigorously screen their population for any individuals who show aptitude for one of the paths (there is also regular abduction/recruitment of exceptional citizens of other empires). Such individuals are then conscripted (or at least ‘strongly encouraged’) to pursued developing their class abilities whereupon they are incorporated into the traditional armies or sent to join state sponsored adventurer agencies. These agencies are utilized for intrigue, covert dungeon delves (often behind enemy lines), or SWAT like fast response to emergent/quick moving threats for which the army is ill-equipped to handle.

Most adventurers in Synoma cap out at level 6*; to push past is to generally become something more/less than human and in so doing wind up in the crosshairs of the other powers. If adventurers reach this point, they figure greatly into politics & plots of the greater world and have their enemies begin to develop exhaustive dossiers on their strengths & weaknesses in addition to facing regular assassination/recruitment efforts. As such, ‘min-maxing’ is something states regularly do for their squads of adventurers, as they attempt to put together the most effective and versatile teams of weirdos who regularly face down threats ‘far above their level.’ However, even as they arm themselves to take down demigods, adventurers must regularly move throughout the paranoid world of Synoma without attracting notice. Some rare adventurers manage to keep their abilities secret and become independent operators; but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Adventurers in Synoma function as something between secret agents, special forces, and an armored tank division – with their sponsor states ready to disavow or betray them following a failure or even if they seem to have grown too powerful, This is of particular import as one of the current ‘big five’ powers was founded by a group of adventurers who recovered an artifact that put them on equal footing with the other empires and allowed them to carve out a kingdom of their own.

Other Thoughts on Synoma

Immortal, druidic banker elves do not control any specific empire but instead exert massive influence over the globe with their ability to influence monetary policy and the accordant wealth its generated. They are relatively few in number however as -after centuries of familiarity between them- they can barely stand the sight of one another let alone breed together. Half-Elves (of every race) are numerous, however, with many working as enforcers or agents of their elven parent.

Written by J.M. Perkins, article posted on Tribality.

*=Note there isn't a cap of level in the campaign and Salt in Wounds City is an independent city, which is a big advantage due to their unique trade/products. Just that in the world at large, the Five powers simply cull heroes who are too powerful or make sure that they are eternally loyal to them. High-level wizards, Clerics, Sorcerers and creators of magic items are the most sought after by the Big Five Powers.

Alright, I've got a concept that might be a bit off the wall, inspired by finding this race entry on the PFSRD.

The gist of it is a deceased wizard's cat familiar, using its kitten as its own familiar. Probably switching references to the Dreamlands with its master's study on another demiplane or something.

Character Creation states Ghouls are permitted, but where are the stats for Ghoul characters...? Or are we simply adding a template to existing races?

A wonderfully creative setting.. keep consuming or the beast wakes up..

Is there anything in the setting-specific material that radically changes how healing works for a low-level party? I could imagine healing potions being extremely cheap, and making a character with the ability to cast a few heling spells might feel lame.

@clanjos : I'm familiar with the Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos book and races. It could be somewhat possible.
@Krimsin : Mostly meant to say that the Ghouls are common in the setting but if you really want to go for a playable Ghoul race:

Darakhul are a safe bet. But if you really want to become an actual ghoul, it would be a possibility but won't start with the template at level 1. Ghoulification is even done as a process in the setting by one of the 13 meridian houses.
@Starhawk : It's a fun and creative setting to say the least.
@Casual Viking : Nothing too radical really, a favored mutation might help an individual heal faster but most individuals, don't have the ability to heal themselves faster and many people get blighted mutations instead of a favored one. There are new alchemical goods to heal or help with healing, but they aren't cheap for a low-level character at least.

What would a later conversion to a ghoul involve?

Originally Posted by Starhawk View Post
What would a later conversion to a ghoul involve?
Ghoulification is licensed only by House of the 5th Meridian, they run a Ghoul bank, where people sign contract with their house to be turned into ghouls, so it all depends how you want to negotiate your contract but most of them aren't fair and most end up in indentured servitude.

Unlicensed Ghoulification is punishable by death (well the new ghoul at least).

But anyway after you sign said contract:

You will be turned into a Ghoul, for PCs, would use the Dread Ghoul Template.

Mechanic wise level 2 or 3 are fine to turn into a ghoul, but on the other side of things, will count your character as monstrous for any encounters, when APL is involved.

I was curious, but figured it would be something horrendous along those lines.


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