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Application Standards and Summaries

Application Standards and Summaries

First off, PCs are built with 46 Ability Points, 66 Skill Points, and a free 8 Trait Points, as well as Destiny (d12) automatically; you may have 34 Trait Points from Complications. (Destiny represents Player Agency and is GM insurance against bad dice rolls. I don't have a specific ending in mind for any PC. You tell your story and I'll help you with that.) I do allow, with my permission, Traits from Serenity RPG and the Cortex Classic RPG. Just run them by me first.

Please make 2 PCs for your Application. If you are a Viper Pilot, your 2 PCs are wingmen (preferably). If you are a Raptor Pilot/ECO, then your second PC is your Raptor ECO/Pilot (required for everyone's ease of play). Otherwise, feel free to get creative. If enlisted in the Colonial Military, your PCs will be between the ranks of Petty Officer Third Class and Chief Petty Officer (Corporal to Gunnery Sergeant for Marines); if commissioned as an officer, they would be between the ranks of Ensign and Captain. Below is a list of positions that would benefit the party to be filled aboard Meleager, in no specific order.

Deck Chief (Would be a Chief Petty Officer and arriving aboard at the start of the campaign.)

Marine Commanding Officer (Would be from an Ensign to a Captain, also just arriving aboard at the start of the campaign.)

Senior Master-at-Arms for Meleager (Would also be arriving fresh aboard at the start of the campaign.)

Fleet Intelligence Personnel for 24th VTS. (Especially another Hacker from the Cyberwarfare Corps; can be any allowed rank, and would have been aboard a couple of weeks at the start of the Campaign.)

Tactical Officer for Meleager (Would be a Lieutenant or Captain; this position is flexible in starting aboard or arriving fresh.)

You can play a Viper Pilot, either a Pilot-Instructor (teaching all the Nuggets of the 24th VTS) or a Nugget (Pilot-in-Training) Raptor Pilots or Raptor Electronic Countermeasures Officers (ECOs) are also interesting choices. Nuggets are Ensigns, while Pilot-Instructors and Raptor Pilots/ECOs are Lieutenants Junior Grade through Captains. Pilots usually come in pairs, although Viper Pilots can be played as single PCs (i.e., you're not playing their wingman) although Raptor Crews (Pilots/ECOs) are a pair of PCs (trust me, it's just easier and less crazy that way). All Pilots are Fleet.

You can also play an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician or Special Weapons Technician (SWT); these are, in order, the people who defuse bombs, and the people who not only defuse bombs, but defuse/maintain/build and secure nuclear weapons. They can be any allowed rank and either Fleet or Marine, but I would recommend them being a Petty Officer First Class (if they are Fleet)/Sergeant First Class (if they are Marine), Chief Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Captain in order to have the general authority to do their job. They will be arriving aboard Meleager the day of the attack with some mis-routed ordnance.

You can play another Marine Medic, a Fleet Corpsman (both medical personnel, and from a Corporal/Petty Officer Third Class to a Sergeant First Class/Petty Officer First Class in rank) or the Meleager's new (surprise) Chief Medical Officer (that's pretty self-explanatory; they'd be a Captain, arriving aboard with no warning to anyone).

You can also play a new Marine Section Sergeant for Meleager's Marine Platoon, taking over a third Section (two squads with current Marine forces) and providing a Sergeant-At-Arms for one of Meleager's three duty shifts. They would be a Sergeant in rank. They would be arriving aboard Meleager the day of the attack.

You can also play a military CFOSI Special Agent, who would be a Chief Petty Officer, Lieutenant, or Captain (although they wear a special device in place of rank, so only ship COs are authorized to know their actual ranks). Colonial Fleet Office of Special Investigations Special Agents are basically the Fleet/Marines FBI, investigating major crimes, going undercover, and generally doing shit that involves serious crimes being committed (murder, rape, black marketeering, treason, and terrorism; they are also alert for Cylon sympathizer espionage or sabotage, even after 40 years). They would be coming aboard Meleager the day of the attack.

You can play a civilian CFOSI Special Agent (they also employ civilians), although these work in business suits. You would be a fairly senior CFOSI Special Agent, arriving aboard the day of the attack.

You can play the (civilian) Deputy Assistant Minister of Defense for Intelligence (Cyberwarfare), sent by the Ministry of Defense to Meleager the day of the attack for classified reasons.

You can play a Military Reporter intending to hop a ride aboard a Raptor to Galactica for its decommissioning who got on the wrong Raptor and arrived aboard Meleager the day of the attack.

You can play a Colonial Security Service (CSS) Senior Agent (in charge of their own small team of bodyguards) supposed to meet up with Secretary of Education Laura Roslin, but who got left behind and had to hop a Raptor...which turned out to be to the wrong ship.

You can play a Colonial Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Agent who got sent out to investigate rumors of black marketeering and treason in the 24th VTS, but who ended up on a Raptor to Meleager instead of Echidna Base.

Any other roles--and feel free to get creative--that are not taken aboard Meleager by named NPCs are open to be taken. The above roles are just those most likely to always have something interesting and/or important to do. If you want to play a Cylon, feel free to do that too. If you want to play a Cylon, put up an app, but leave the background free. It is possible to play as one of 8 Models of skinjob, and there is background you will need specific to this campaign.

To help your fellow Applicants cover the widest possible range of positions (if they want to), please post a quick, spoiler-free brief summary (with picture) of your intended PCs in this thread. The picture is so no one reuses the same picture (unless you are playing a Cylon). No need to go into any great detail, just military rank (if they have any), job, picture, and anything you think will help others from unintentionally duplicating your PCs. Once you post an application in the folder, please include both PCs in the same thread.

Application Template

Please post your two PC Applications in a Private Thread.

[fieldset="[img]Rank Image (If Military) which I will put in.[/img]"]
[table=2,1][r=1,1][URL="URL to Character Sheet If Desired"]Rank and Name[/URL]
Specialty/Duties, [i]Meleager[/i][r=2,1][img][/img][/table]

[r=2,1]Short Description

[B]Agility[/B] d#
[B]Strength[/B] d#
[B]Vitality[/B] d#
[B]Alertness[/B] d#
[B]Intelligence[/B] d#
[B]Willpower[/B] d#

[B]Life Points[/B] (Vitality+Willpower) ##
[B]Initiative[/B] (Agility) d# + (Alertness) d#
[b]Endurance[/b] (Vitality) d# + (Willpower) d#
[b]Resistance[/b] (Vitality) d# + (Vitality) d#

[B]Destiny[/B] (d12)
[B]Asset(s)[/B] d#

[B]Complication(s)[/B] d#

[B]Skill[/B] d#
>Specialization (If taken) d#
[B]Skill[/B] d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill[/B] d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill [/B]d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill [/B]d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill [/B]d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill [/B]d#
>Specialization d#
[B]Skill [/B]d#
>Specialization d#

[spoiler=Full Appearance] A longer explanation of their appearance.[/spoiler]

[Spoiler=Personality] A summary of your PC's personality and a snapshot of their psychology.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Notable Skills] A list of your PC's notable skills and a quick explanation of how they usually apply them.[/spoiler]

[Spoiler=Background]Your PC's background[/spoiler][/fieldset]

If you want to see what this should look like--if somewhat long-winded--go see M. James "Morpheus" Mundy

@thesloth has applied with Special Agent (Lieutenant) Victor Parnassus, a military CFOSI Special Agent with a hate-on for Doctor Gaius Baltar and his mania with networked technology in the military (as well as his philandering ways and likely criminal need to impress people, an all-around security risk)... well as Victor's partner, Special Agent Anton Rodos, a civilian CFOSI Special Agent and snarky man who tries to keep his boss out of trouble and from tilting at windmills Don Quixote-style.

I will be applying with Lieutenant Linda Corvin, Meleager's unenthusiastic Tactical Officer, who spends most of her time in the bridge as Senior Officer of the Watch being a human scarecrow and contemplating her own mortality.

… and Petty Officer First Class Jacob Howland, a clearheaded Senior Master-at-Arms who has a kind of artful way of cutting through bullshit and letting people assume he's stupid.

Ooo I like doing these! I will be applying with Miss Jessica Fox: a civilian pilot famous for always being the top of the

Disclaimer--I have no idea where I have stolen this image from.

Do you have what it takes to lap the 12 colonies in a single man vessel?
Do you have what it takes to chart perfect slingshots?
To pilot through hostile nebula and asteroid fields?
Can you do it all faster than the best pilots the 12 colonies have to offer?
Find yourself a ship, get yourself a sponsor and enter the Gravity Racing League.

No criminals, violence, multiple pilots, jumping technology, match fixing or collaboration allowed.
All racers are subject to Terms and Conditions.
The Galaxy Racing League reserves the right to disqualify a pilot at any time.
Gravity Racing League. Despite the fact she was born Deaf and thus also Mute she has made a name for herself as perhaps the most iconic Zero Gravity sports person in the Twelve Colonies.

Aaand Mr Tobias Hound: civilian Founder and CEO of Black & Hound Munitions--an arms manufacturing and distribution company specializing in Magnetically Accelerated Projectile Systems. Currently discussing the retro-fitting and upgrading of various Battlestar systems. His company has a reputation for taking minimal profit margins and delivering well made products and he has a reputation for being a recluse.

I feel a need to say this: if you have a way you would like to use a Trait (Asset or Complication) that is not covered in the BSG book, run it by me, and we should be able to work something acceptable to both parties out.

Savage & Merc

CPT Al "Savage" Brackett is currently a test pilot, assigned to Colonial Fleet Special Projects at Echidna Base. "Savage" is a spit-and-polish, by-the-book officer who always keeps at least one eye toward his career advancement. He flies the same way: tight and tidy, nothing flashy, never a whisker out of place.

Dr. Aidan "Merc" Pierce is a civilian defense contractor specializing in computers and software, currently working with CFSP out of Echidna Base to integrate his employer's latest gee-whiz signals processing program into Raptor DRADIS. An intermittent glitch has recently prompted Dr. Pierce ("Merc" being CFSP's traditional signifier to indicate "civvie on board") to take several hops in the ECO seat as he tries to identify the issue so that it can be corrected. He's cheerful, good-humored, and almost as good with computers as he thinks he is.

Raptor H3775TAR is the oldest active-service Raptor Mk II in Colonial Fleet. The second example delivered, it has spent its entire career operating out of Echidna Base with CFSP and has been the testbed for every new update, upgrade, modification, and development to come down the pike. Those inclined to anthropomorphize mechanical objects ascribe a "sweet and cheerful disposition" to this particular bird; more pragmatic sorts note that the constant parade of equipment and software tests over the craft's career has kept it one of the best-maintained (and obviously the most technically up-to-date) Raptors in the Fleet despite its age.

Rick Boone
Rank: Sergeant First Class
Rick is the newest Section Sergeant to the Meleager, having just arrived the day of the attack. Boone is rather easy-going with regard to people's personal affairs. He runs a tight squad and likes to keep it light when not working. When it comes to 'business' though, this man get's as serious as a heart-attack until the job is finished.

Jada DuValle
Rank: Corporal
3rd Section's resident medic for the last 13 months. While not completely naļve to the war going on about her, she is slightly idealistic in her views concerning the fate humans coexisting with the cylons in the universe.

Hello all,

I hope to have the honour of playing...

Lt JG Lara Lynn, resident military journalist and PR specialist based in the 7th fleet, and

Captain Morgan Shuren, coming from a residency on Canceron where he helped establish a medical facility with modern equipment and surgical techniques.

Colonial Security Service Agent In Charge Richard "Bonzo" Bong is a former Fleet Captain who flew Dropships in Colonial Special Operations. He left the Fleet to take a position with the CSS as an Agent and pilot. He has worked his way up to being a Senior Agent and Agent In Charge of the Personal Security Detail for Secretary of Education Laura Roslin.

Deputy Assistant Minister of Defense for Intelligence (Cyberwarfare) James Robert Smythe IV is a product of Delphi University. He graduated with a Doctorate in Political Science and Cyber Security. He has family connections that helped him get hired into the Ministry of Defense and eventually appointed to his current position. He has an extensive "old boy" network that keeps him well-informed. He initially hired Doctor Gaius Baltar (before he became so famous), due to Baltar's impeccable academic credentials. He is now beginning to think that Baltar's "flaws" are getting out of hand and are becoming a problem, although the Adar Administration is not receptive to his arguments on the subject.

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