Application Guidelines - Myth-Weavers

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

  • I am looking for 4-6 players
  • Allowed sources Published WotC Books only. UA Revised Ranger allowed.
  • Application deadline January 25th
  • Starting level 1
  • Roll for stats [4d6 drop lowest 1] once, point-buy or standard array if rolls are not satisfactory.
  • Please use starting equipment/gold from your class/background.

Application Info
  • Feel free to be creative with your application format.
  • Include basic stats, but a full character sheet is not required until accepted.
  • Please include an image or icon.
  • Character backstory is required.
  • Please indicate rolls/point buy/standard array.
  • Please include a narrative sample as outlined below.
  • Looking for quality over quantity in applications, keep it concise.

Narrative Sample
  • This will give me a good idea of what your character is all about as well as your own personal style.
  • Please include a brief roleplay example.
  • You may use any scenario from your characters backstory or even while on the road to Greenest.
  • Feel free to invent your own NPCs and events for this brief narrative.

Thank you for applying. I can't wait to meet your characters. Please post any character creation questions in this thread or the OOC thread.

Balto Goodbarrel

Balto Goodbarrel
Stout Halfling Paladin 1 NG

AC 18 HP 12 Speed 25ft

Str 13 (1) Dex 16 (3) Con 16 (3) Wis 13 (1) Int 11 (0) Cha 18 (4)

Shortsword (Pierce/5ft.) +5 1d6+3
Javelins (Pierce/30-120ft.) +3 1d6+1

Racial Traits
+2 Dex +1 Con
Brave (PHB 28)
Lucky (PHB 28)
Halfling Nimbleness (PHB 28)
Stout Resilience (PHB 28)
Class Features
Divine Sense (PHB 84) .
Lay on Hands (PHB 84)

Character Portrait:

Character Sheet:

Rolled 4d6 Drop low for abilities: Original rolls (13, 14, 15, 13, 11, 18)

Backstory: Balto Goodbarrel was the son of Bilto in a long line of brewers and his mother was Fannie Buckland whose father sold barley and who ran a kitchen garden and invited many people over for supper. They lived in Goldenfields where all the hops and golden wheat grew. It was a warm and loving home. He always felt fortunate to be surrounded by friends, enriched with a childhood full of family recipes, and crafting beer. That was until a red dragon polymorphed as a snobbish customer insulted Bilto's work by pouring it on the tavern floor. Balto called him a chickenshit loser and a lousy customer, which later led to the tavern going up in flames and his parents dead from smoke inhalation in their beds. He vowed to get revenge on this dragon who took his home, his family and his livelihood. The only thing that was left in the heaps of ashes was a four leaf clover untouched by the flame. Seen as a divine sign of opportunity, Balto sought out to make his fortune. He has worked at inns and taverns all over the city as a cook, dishwasher, and barkeep. However, he wants a tavern like his own so he has decided to take a career in adventure, to brew recipes and build renown as a fine brewer himself, and get strong enough to kick a dragon's butt.

Narrative Sample:
Balto had a busy day. Another score of adventurers left tables an utter mess. Dishes were piled high and Olaf was sick so Balto stayed late. His boss was sleeping in his office. He smiled at the thought of slaying dragons and gathering coins and jewels in caves instead of washing dishes. He remembered a barrel of beer he left out back which he had brewed with the peel of an orange and a sack of barley in the storeroom. After finishing a few stacks of dishes he pours himself a tankard of his new concoction and whistles to himself as he gleefully lick his lips

"Oh, that one's a keeper! Definitely worth a silver per pint. When I get out of here, I'm gonna make me some coins and then leave this crappy job...if I even get out of here."

He told himself that year after year that he would leave this tavern or that one only to fall in another one. He was underpaid and overworked constantly, and truly only stayed for the customers who talked to him on his shift, most of whom were adventurers.
Only this time a letter from Gundren Rockseeker was folded in his pocket after clearing his table and delivering his food.

I gets paid 2 silver a day at his job, but traveling with a dwarf is 10 gold coins.

He finishes the dishes, sweeps and mops the floor, restocks the bar, cleans the stove, and then writes something on a small sheet of paper. Luck compelled him tonight, so he took a chance and stopped playing it safe.

He posted a sheet of paper above the office that reads "I Quit!"

Balto grabs the adventuring gear in his locker and exits out of the Giggling Goblin Inn.

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