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Game Rules and Guidelines

Game Rules and Guidelines

  • Feel free to RP as much as you want in between DM posts.
  • I will try to give everyone a chance to post before progressing the story. However, if you are absent (out of combat) for 5 days without letting us know in the OOC, your turn will be skipped. If we are in active combat this will be shortened to 3 days.
  • If you have been inactive for 7 days with no contact with the players or DM, I will have to replace your character.
  • To avoid all of the above please leave a brief note in OOC if you are expecting to be very busy or going to be away. I will make a plausible reason in-game why your character is out of action, and will add you back in seamlessly when you are back.

  • Please include a short stat block AND a link to your character sheet with your posts.
  • Please keep all stat blocks, OOC notes, and rolls in spoiler buttons.

Game Play
  • If you have any questions about game play please ask OOC and someone can help you out.
  • If I have made a mistake please let me know ASAP as I am new at this and always learning.
  • No PvP.
  • I reserve the right to change or add to these rules as the game unfolds. All changes will be announced in OOC thread.

Just a few house rules. All regular combat rules as stated in PHB apply.
  • I will roll group initiative at the start of each encounter. Once it is determined which blocks of PCs or opponents go first, you may post in any order.
  • I will provide maps so you can see the layout of the fight, please indicate which opponent you are fighting in each post.
  • If you roll a 1 or a 20 during your attack roll, please roll another d20 and refer to crit/fumble table below OR follow regular crit/fumble rules from PHB.

Roll 1d20 Critical Hit Fumble
1 Critical hit: double damage dice Automatic miss on next turn
2 Experienced fighter, roll with advantage on your next turn Stumble over yourself, prone
3 Feeling lucky, roll another damage dice Weapon slip, injure yourself for 2 DMG
4 Lay of the land, initiative of 20 next combat round Misstep, injure your closest companion for 2 DMG
5 Berserker, roll 2 extra damage die Initiative of 1 next combat encounter
6 Deadly focus, roll with advantage until you are hit by an enemy Drop primary weapon, miss an action preparing secondary weapon
7 Quick recovery, on each successful ATK roll this encounter, regain 1 HP Confusion, disadvantage next combat round
8 Aiding a companion, roll an extra d6 ATK die for the player after you Poisoned until end of encounter, disadvantage on attack rolls
9 Something shiny, pick up 10 gp as a free action Caught off guard, attacker has the advantage until end of turn
10 Nimble, attacker rolls with disadvantage until end of encounter Slowed response, no bonus action or reaction next turn
11 Relentless, opponent must pass a STR saving throw DC 15, on a fail opponent takes 4 DMG Slip up, attacker gains +1 to DMG on a hit
12 Terrifying presence, closest opponent drops their weapon and misses a turn Stumble, attacker gains +2 to ATK roll
13 Fearless warrior, gain a bonus action for this turn Robbed, lose 10 gp
14 Weapon expert, gain +2 to ATK rolls until the end of encounter Roll a STR saving throw, DC12, on a failure lose 4 HP
15 Well maintained, gain +4 to AC until end of encounter Roll a DEX saving throw, DC12, on a failure lose 4 HP
16 Team leader, on the player whose turn is after yours' next turn roll an extra damage die for them Roll 1d6, knocked back that number of squares
17 Definite strike, no need to roll ATK on next turn, automatic hit Critical miss, accidentally hit the player whose turn is before yours for 4 DMG
18 Divine intervention, roll 1d6 to regain HP as a free action Clumsy, drop 1d20 sp
19 On a roll, roll with advantage until the end of encounter Knocked down, fall prone and take 1 DMG
20 Bullseye, triple the number of dice DMG Weapon malfunction, half damage on next hit

*This table has been adapted from my IRL table, but I may have missed something. If you spot anything that would not work with PbP please let me know.

Looks good, just curious if NPC's use that crit table too?
I can see low level characters going SPLAT! dead-dead if it's a half-orc or something with a big weapon rolling one of those multiple dice options.

@Kamishiro_Rin I will not be using any flanking rules in this game, sorry! I want to keep things as simple as possible.

Originally Posted by m4cha View Post
@Kamishiro_Rin I will not be using any flanking rules in this game, sorry! I want to keep things as simple as possible.
No problem and no need to apologize! That's perfectly fine with me. I just wanted to ensure that my future tactical decisions weren't predicated on bad assumption only to be corrected after the fact. Thank you for the prompt answer!

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