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Looking for people willing to torture themselves.

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Looking for people willing to torture themselves.

Simple Fantasy RPG - Forum

I'm looking for players who will take a chance on a homemade ruleset and provide feedback about the rules during play.

The idea for this game is for a group of adventurers to get together, travel the world, and go on adventures in a fantasy setting. There's no huge fancy campaign arc or long term plan, just adventures. Once one adventure ends, the next one begins, possibly a couple in-game months later or maybe immediately. The adventures will probably not be connected to each other story wise, other than it's the same characters on the adventure (and maybe that's not even necessary).

The adventures I plan on using include: converted published adventures from other fantasy game systems, homemade adventures tailored to your characters, and improv adventures both made up on the spot and random generated using tables galore.

So basically, a party of adventurers doing whatever they want, telling whatever story they want, and trying to get rich and not killed in the process.

Style and Tone: Basic D&Dish, I lean towards the serious play style.

Rule 0 is in full effect.

I know some people like writing elaborate character backgrounds, but this isn't needed in this game.

I spent the last few years writing the rules for this game and I think it's ready to be playtested. I'll explain the rules to the game as we play.

The Application Process: A few players have been pre-invited and are already accepted. Anyone else who wants to play may create a character and participate in the Waiting Room thread. Once the deadline is reached, I'll select a couple more applicants to join the game and we'll be ready to roll.


Game Description:

This is a fantasy role-playing game using a set of rules that I created to fit my GM style and uses Subjective Roleplaying.

Subjective Roleplaying - This game provides a lot of fast and loose rules for playing in a fantasy setting rpg. One of the things that help with this fast and loose style is the empowering of the GM to make decisions for many aspects of the game. This includes things like the experience point cost for character improvements (that the players propose themselves), the meaning of dwarf tossing fighting style, how powerful magic and spellcasting will be, or which Stat is most appropriate for an action roll. This allows the game to expand in ways that couldn’t even be imagined and for characters to grow into something unexpected by everyone. This trade off to the normal restrictions imposed on characters and games in other rpgs comes with an understanding that the purpose of subjective roleplaying provided by the GM is to tell fascinating stories and epic adventures. The GM is not the enemy and isn’t trying to kill the characters, the GM is just providing adversaries and obstacles to enrich the story. Obviously this subjective roleplaying won’t be for everyone and that’s alright, but those who embrace it are in for something exciting.

Seeing as these are my homemade game rules, I might find something in them during game play that didn't work out the way I wanted them too. If this situation occurs, I'll inform everyone of the rules change.

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Here's an example character so you guys can see how the sheet is laid out.

I'm ready to answer questions...

Example Character

Corwin Keystone

Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Background: City Watch

Represents raw physical prowess, vigor, force, might, toughness, power, muscle, physique, stamina, brawn, and endurance. It is used to lift, pull, hurl, bend, push, shove, carry, rip, tear, or break things. You also use it for running, swimming, jumping, climbing, and arm wrestling. It also determines your resistance to poisons, diseases, pain, and other effects that require fortitude.
Represents general speed, dexterity, reflex, balance, grace, coordination, precision, nimbleness, finesse, and motion skills. It is used for swinging, tumbling, picking locks, sneaking, pickpocketing, throwing, and catching. It also determines your ability to get out of the way of hidden dangers such as traps, snares, falling objects, and other effects that require reflexes.
Represents intellect, will, analytical thinking, memory, knowledge, ingenuity, reasoning, concentration, perception, and discerning information. It is used when you’re trying to remember something, using your senses to detect distant or hidden things, focusing on a task, find out if someone is lying to you, tricking you, picking your pocket, palming a dagger, or slipping poison into your drink. It also determines your defense against fear, madness, magic, illusions, charms, enchantments, and other effects that require willpower.
Represents persuasiveness, demeanor, strength of personality, ability to lead, personal magnetism, cool factor, and overall likeability. It is used to seduce, persuade, intimidate, bribe, convince, negotiate, haggle, lie, barter, get people to look favorably upon you, change the mind of others, sway the opinions of individuals, crowds, or entire cities, and to lead people into battle and maintain their morale. It also determines your ability to navigate social conflicts. It does not represent physical attractiveness, although attractiveness certainly plays a role.
Represents a character’s fortune, favor of the gods, chance, coincidence, fate, hard to define talent, being in the right place at the right time, and forces outside the character’s control. It is used when an action is based completely on sheer luck or to survive impossible situations. Alternately, a player can rely on luck by reducing their luck stat. For each point of luck reduced, the player may add two dice to their action roll. See Dice Mechanics for more details.

Hit Points: 4
Social Points: 4
Conditions: None

Melee Attack (with Sword): 6d6 -1C
Defend: 5d6 +1C
Social Attack: 4d6
Social Defend: 4d6

Proficiency: Warriors can use any weapon, shields, and wear any armors.
  • Add 1d6 to all Attack and Defend action rolls in a combat conflict.
  • Start each conflict or scene with 4 Hit Points instead of 3 Hit Points.
  • Gain -3C to any Wit rolls involving knowledge of combat, mass battles, armor, weapons, and subjects a warrior would know about.
  • Start each conflict or scene with 4 Social Points instead of 3 Social Points and gain +1d6 to Social Attacks and Social Defense.

Specialized: One Weapon Fighting Style

(Agility) Light Armor - DR 5
Chain-mail Armor
(Strength), One-Hand Weapon, Bladed
(Strength), Provides +3d6 +1C on Defend rolls during a combat conflict. Additionally, you may sacrifice your shield to prevent any loss of Hit Points.

Provisions: 5

TreasuresGold: 2

ExperienceExperience Points: 0
Proposed Improvement:
(XP COST 12): When using a whip to attack, manipulate distant objects, or to swing on, no more than +1C may ever be applied to the action roll.
Whip Mastery

We have five interested players, and three of them have characters created already. A Catfolk Spellcaster, a Fey Rogue, and a Goblin Warrior. Check them out HERE. We're still accepting applications until February 10th.

Opulenia is a grim land. Summers are short. Winters are long. The towns are overcrowded. Food is expensive. Guilds control trade. Nobility control the taxes. Priests pray for our damned souls.

Out there, beyond those walls, are beasts, bogies, monsters. They inhabit the forests, live under the fields, dwell in the ruins of our burned-out fortresses. They kidnap the lone wanderer, harry our caravans, and when they are bold, they attack our towns.

The plight of mankind in Opulenia is indeed great. And although there are those who deny the obvious, man’s future here looks bleak. On all sides, the forces of evil and chaos press upon its borders seeking to bring mankind to its knees – intent on enslaving its populace, raping its riches, and claiming its lands as its own.

Our forebears succeeded in wedging a toehold—a small point of light in a vast, weird darkness. Their hubris led them to believe they had won, that victory was inevitable. But they were wrong. The forests fought back. The mountains rebelled. The seas heaved in protest. Things issued forth from crevices and caves; the foam and fire spat forth a writhing, crawling answer to our fathers’ “conquest.” We fought them. We banished them. We flung spell and prayer at them. But they came like a creeping tide, forcing us steadily back until chaos was once again snapping at mankind’s heels.

In the shadow of uncertainty a call for new heroes went out. Any man or woman who could bear arms or weave magic was summoned. And so, from small hamlets and villages all across the land, young adventurers answered the call and stepped forward to embrace the challenge – a courageous few willing to leave home and hearth to take up the fight. For underneath the roots are the ruins of those who came before us. Layers of foolhardy civilizations crumbling atop one another like corpses. Each thought they could conquer this land. Each failed. But in failure, they left us hope. They left us gold, artifacts, secrets, knowledge. Those brave or foolish enough to bring back these treasures are richly rewarded.

You are members of that exceptional class called – adventurers! You have taken up arms and are in search for fame and fortune. Of course, you are inexperienced, but minor setbacks will not get the best of you. You have your skills, the company of good comrades, and a heart that cries out for adventure.

Here's the basic dice mechanic used for this game. It's a dice pool game where all you need to do is roll a single 6. There's more details about the dice mechanic rules in the thread this is quoted from. Notice there isn't any success or failure results, the dice only determines who gains narrative control.

Originally Posted by King Nate View Post
[setfield]Dice Mechanics

The Basic Mechanic - When a character takes an action that puts them in danger, tries to overcome an obstacle, influences the plot, or when a character reacts to an action taken against them, a roll is needed. The player rolls a number of six sided dice (d6) equal to the most appropriate Stat as determined by the GM or as indicated by the rules. If any of the dice results is a 6, the player gains Narrative Control and gets to determine the outcome of the action. The player may narrate a successful or failed action for their character, but cannot elaborate the narrative beyond the outcome of the action. If there are no 6 results in the roll, then the GM gains Narrative Control and may narrate a successful or failed action for the player’s character.

We're starting to get a good group of players put together, but I'd like to have at least one more, who is interested?

I've never had so little response for an ad before. Even previous advertised games, that didn't get more than one or two players or didn't take off due to no interest, still had some good responses. This game however has a good group of players wanting to play and is going to take off as we have plenty of interest in the game forum. Just no love for the ad, weird.

So, I'm still looking for one more player. Come on over and fill out a character. If you're reading this then there is some interest at least, so why not play?

I guess fear of the uncertain system, I read the thread just now and in these 4-5 posts I swayed at least three times between "yeah I can do this" and "I'm not certain I get it"

Also, you know "Looking for people willing to torture themselves" as a title is going to make a lot of people just go "ehh... not for me, then"

If I had time, I'd try it out... but sadly, I'm very much at capacity! Best of luck!

Originally Posted by Grudge View Post
I guess fear of the uncertain system, I read the thread just now and in these 4-5 posts I swayed at least three times between "yeah I can do this" and "I'm not certain I get it"
You're doing good so far...even though we haven't actually started yet.

Originally Posted by Nixis View Post
Also, you know "Looking for people willing to torture themselves" as a title is going to make a lot of people just go "ehh... not for me, then"

If I had time, I'd try it out... but sadly, I'm very much at capacity! Best of luck!
lol, yeah well I was going for the "car wreck" approach just to get eyes on the advertisement. I'm always trying something different with the adverts.

Right now we have a group of 9 being broken up into two groups. I'm liking the way everything looks and getting excited to play.

We could possibly take one more person to even up the two groups into parties of five, and if you act quickly enough you can get in on the schoolyard pick/draft for the teams.


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