GM Incentive Program

Here is our current GM Incentive Package...looks appealing doesn't it?

Applications: All GM Apps should be made private (only GM's can view).

To Be A GM: You must have at least 1,000 posts and at least 1 year of active membership on MythWeavers. Experience in Pathfinder is a must, as we require a lot of consideration in our games.

Prequisites: To enjoy the following incentives you must run a mission. Each completed mission gives you the following credits for one character. When a GM commits to the game they may apply with a character using these benefits, however the character can not be approved until the requirement of running and completing a mission is met.

Character Building: GMs get an additional 5 components when creating a character (See Components). This benefit may be applied once to a single character, for each game the GM runs to completion. They receive their first benefit package when they run their first approved game.

Racial Points: GM's may spend one component to increase starting RP by 5 for any race or racial build. You may use up to 5 components in this way.

Templates: Components may also be spent to apply templates to a race 1 component = 1 Template. Templates take up levels on one side of the gestalt equal to the CR. GM's may only use up to 3 components in this way. Total CR gained can not exceed half character level rounded up. No more than 8 CR at character creation.

Rewards: You can earn up to 1/2 level of EXP and WBL for an approved but inactive character by running a game.

GM ONLY Games:: I will be running the occasional game for the GMs as a thank you for your hard work. As long as you have started or completed a mission you may participate in GM only games.

How to Earn Incentive Packages
1. You must make a formal proposal and get approval from 2 GMs for your mission.
2. The character the reward is being applied to must be approved and not currently in a mission. All additions & rewards will be outlined and noted in the first post, and approved by GM.
3. You will earn 1/2 of the exp and 1/2 gold value awarded in the mission UP TO 1/2 current character level of the character being awarded. So if you run a mission that rewards 1 level you only get 1/2 level, if you only reward 1/2 a level worth of exp you will get 1/4.
4. You will be allowed 1 additional active character, for a total of 2 active at one time.
5. You may NOT save the reward to give to an active character if they are in a mission. This must be applied to an inactive character upon delivery, if you have no inactive characters then it may be applied to the first character to become inactive.
6. If missions are being run with a Co-GM the reward applies to both GMs unless it is determined that the other GM did not perform equal duties to the other, in which case a diminished reward would apply.