Creation Guidelines

Please refer to the following guidelines for creating a character:

Races: All official Paizo races are allowed. Third-party races are prohibited.

Classes: All official Paizo classes are allowed. Third-party classes are prohibited.

Alignment: Good and Neutral only. No Evil.

Stats: 25-point buy.

Starting Level: Lvl 1

Traits: Standard two traits. You may take a Drawback for an extra trait, with the stipulation that you legitimately role-play said Drawback. One of your traits must be a campaign trait from the Reign of Winter Player's Guide. You may only select one campaign trait.

HP: HP at 1st level is maxed. All other levels will take the average HP.

Starting Gold: Gold is the maximum amount that your class allows for 1st level. E.g. A 1st-level Fighter has a maximum of 300 gp, a 1st-level Wizard has a maximum of 180 gp, etc...

Variant Rules: Unchained Classes (mandatory), Background Skills, Skill Unlocks, Fractional BAB

Firearms Availability: We will be using the standard 'Emerging Guns' rules.

Available Sources: All official Paizo content is allowed. Third-party content is prohibited, with no exceptions.

Background: Characters should be either be native to Taldor (the village of Heldren, specifically) or have a plausible reason for being there. Backgrounds should, at a minimum, be longer than a single paragraph but no longer than five.

Feat Tax Rules: We will be using the Feat Tax Rules which can be found here.

Additional Guidelines:
  • If I, or the Assistant GM, believe your character is broken/cheesy/OP in any way, we reserve the right to reject your game application before the application deadline. If time remains before the end of the game application process, you will be allowed to submit a new character for consideration.
  • Players are allowed to create a single "workspace" thread for creating multiple characters. However, each player may only submit one character for their game application.
  • Game Application threads must use the following thread title format: "Final - (Character Name), (Character Race and Class)" For example: Final - Bob McBobberson, Human Fighter
  • Game Applications must include a general concept of the character. For example: A farm boy who wants to be the greatest hero in all the land.
  • Players must include an excerpt of their role-playing in their Game Application. The excerpt may be from any previous play-by-post game.
  • Applications must be grammatically coherent. If I can't read the application, I won't choose it. That being said, I won't reject an application for something as trivial as missed punctuation.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the Character Discussion thread.