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"Talking out loud"

Thinking something

I just need to write up more info on hindrances but mechanically I think it's done. I took knowledge (tactics) from settings rules as a starter insight into how the zombies work.

I count 19 skill ranks, but based on what you typed, you should only have 17, unless I misses something.

I used two minor hindrances points to up two skills. I may have read that wrong. I can put two skills down no problem if needed.

Edit:: Updated post with edge and hindrance background. Also @johnnyusf I know Birmingham is a while away but I figured the biker gang was trying to make its way to the coast so they are probably closer than expected. Hint hint wink wink

I must have read something wrong, you have everything right. Sorry for that. And you got something in your eye?

Everything looks good, so feel free to post in the Prologue.

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