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Character Creation Questions

Character Creation Questions

If you have any question, go ahead, I'll be here.

Superpower Creation
Expanded Talents

Where exactly do you want us to create our application threads?
Also, what if we have a specific concept in mind for our character as far as powers go? The rules you linked to seem to be very much against picking your powers.

Depending on where you stand, where you post it. So, if you want to play a hero, place your character in that folder, same for a villain.

Yes, powers in this game are random since combinations and choosing them, same as choosing the features can be pretty powerful.

Right, I think I'm going to pass then. It's not really about how powerful my character is. I just rather play in a game where I can go with the concept I like rather than dealing with a bunch of random powers.

For Villains yes, basically all the document. For heroes there are the archetypes and careers. Talents can be found there (some), but most can be taken from the genesys expanded talents.

Added a new link above for all talents you can find in Genesys, it is legal. Basically it adds talents from Star Wars FFG and other Genesys lines.

Much appreciated. I've started rolling up the random traits from the Google doc, and I'm loving how it's coming together.

Thanks! that is what I like about random, just one more thing.

In Enhanced Senses and pretty much any other power that has several base ones. You only take one of those, so for example, it is either a roll between Enhanced Senses or Sense Manipulation or pick up one. If you had rolled double E. Senses you would have had both.

Did notice also that you must have moved a dice because your results are others, but eh, happens when you have so much to roll.


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