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Tzarelle - The Hunting Hound of Chaos - Renegade

Tzarelle - The Hunting Hound of Chaos - Renegade

Lucinda Tzarelle

| | |

25 base + 12 + 3(renegade)
25 base + 9 + 3(renegade)
25 base + 12 - 3 (Motivation)
25 base + 5
25 base + 15
25 base + 13 + 2(Motivation)
25 base + 9 - 4(Disgrace) + 5(Pride)
25 base + 11
25 base + 12 - 5(Pride)
Other Characteristics
19 base + 1 (Dice) + 2(Disgrace)
Wounds 11/11
Insanity 0
0 (base) + 4(Motivation)

Trained Skills
  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics (Agi)
  • Awareness (Str)
  • Command +10 (Fel)
  • (Adeptus Arbites, Jericho Reach, War)
    Common Lores (Int)
  • Dodge +10 (Agi)
  • (Low & High Gothic, Underworld)
    Linguistics (Int)
  • Medicae (Int)
  • Operate (Surface) (Agi)
  • Parry (WS)
  • (Tactica Imperialis)
    Scholastic Lores (Int)
  • Survival (Per)
  • Trade -Cryptographer (Int)

Talents & Traits

Tzarelle was literally born for the sole purpose of leadership over the masses and was raised to command others from the moment she could take such lessons. While the teachers and lectures may be gone the lessons remain as does the imperious attitude

For Command tests may affect number of NPCs equal to fellowship bonus x 10
Minions gain +10 loyalty when nearby
Air Of Authority
A glaring defect such as one hand being less dexterous than the other is something that was carefully bred out of the Tzarelle family Countless generations ago and even those the defect returns in are trained rigorously to overcome such a failing and flaw.

Suffers no penalty for using weapon/item in "offhand"
Tzarelles targets are often either well protected, skilled in battle or guarded meaning that success is as much about planning as it is about skill. One near constant however is that very little fights as well when it can't see and Tzarelle has trained to take advantage of this fact.

Suffer half usual melee penalties for obscured vision
Blind Fighting
Shes fallen the wrong way often enough to have learned the importance of falling properly and combined with her natural grace and experience is adept at landing on her feet or at least landing safely when she needs to

Reduce falling Distance by Meters equal to agility bonus.
+20 to acrobatics for tests to avoid fall damage
While She truly revels in Melee combat and that's where the true work to capture a target is done shes got a keen eye for shooting as well. More importantly shes got a quick mind for working out where to shoot for the most effect and best results as very few targets can outrun her with one knee missing.

Reduce penalties for Ranged called shots by 10.
Dead Eye
Not only is an opponent who still possess their weapon less likely to surrender but they also pose more of a threat and might even get lucky enough to injure her which makes removing their weapons all the more important as quickly as possible.

Opposed weapon test to disarm foe - if successful and have 3+ DoS may take enemies weapon from them
Maybe its just the events of the past, maybe something she forgot or a part of her core but whatever the reason Tzarelle finds it very difficult to get to worked up over the regular events such as brutality, death, enslavement or any number of other things that should turn someones mind asunder.

Ignore mundane horrors for fear tests - Terrors of warp style Apply
When life or death is but a moment away it pays to be able to draw your weapon and attack in an instant, even more so when you have only that split second to take down your target before they rally and you have another pitched battle to deal with

Draw basic/pistol or 1 hand melee weapon as Free Action
Quick Draw
Practice makes perfect and over the years or however long it's been Tzarelles had plenty of practice at reloading to the point where it's second nature and barely requires thought to achieve allowing her to reload in a manner and speed that would make a drill Sargent proud.

Reduce reload time by Half
Rapid Reload
(Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, Shock, SP)

While her early noble life included some basic weapons training out of tradition it's her life as a hunter and hound hat has truly expanded the arsenal of weapons that Tzarelle's become familiar and experienced with.

Use Acquired Weapon Groups without penalty
Weapon Training


To survive in the Vortex, particularly as a human, one must be quick, both in wits and action. Sometimes fast reflexes can compensate for ceramite armour. All Heretics with this Trait add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Tzarelle has always possessed an oddly adept grace in life which comes through in her balance and poise. Over time it's also been honed in the dark gods service dodging chainswords, bolt rounds and all other manner of lethal and not so lethal events

The Renegade is a skillful individual who substitutes raw power for honed ability. Tzarelle must select one Characteristic at Character Creation. Throughout the game, she adds one additional Degree of Success to successful Tests involving that Characteristic (includes Skill and Characteristic Tests).
ADROIT - (Agility)

ShotgunBasic3mS/-/-1d10+4 I082 Full
+10 BS to single shot attacks
Red Dot Sight,
Reliable weapons only Jam on an unmodified hit roll of 00. Reliable weapons with the Spray Quality or which do not make hit rolls never Jam
Gains Reliable and never jams/overheats - treat these as a miss instead
Best Craftsmanship,
May hold up to 3 different ammo types - as free action user may switch selected ammo
Fire selector,
Can use 1 handed without -20 penalty. When used 1 handed, weapon range is halved.
Pistol Grip
LaspistolPistol30mS/2/-1d10+2 E030half
Gains Reliable and never jams/overheats - treat these as a miss instead
Best Craftsmanship
Reliable weapons only Jam on an unmodified hit roll of 00. Reliable weapons with the Spray Quality or which do not make hit rolls never Jam
Power MaceMelee1d10+6 E4
Has 75% chance to destroy any item used to parry that does not have power field, warp, deamonic or natural weapon trait/quality
Power Field
*When used with both hands Power Mace gains Concussive (0). When struck target takes Toughness test and if failed is stunned for 1 round per DoS. If Target takes Damage greater than their Strength Bonus they are knocked Prone
Neural WhipMelee3m1d10+2 R2
Weapon lashes about when used and cannot be parried.
A target that is hit with a Shocking weapon must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test. If he fails, he is Stunned for a number of Rounds equal to Degrees of Failure.
+2 to Weapon pen - Included in profile already
+10 all WS test with weapon and +1 to Damage - included in profile already
Best Craft

Other Equipment

AP 6 on all locations
Heavy Carapace Armour
Best quality = +40 bonus to Toughness test against gas
+20 Bonus to medicae skill
Annotated version of Tactica Imperialis
Two Additional magazines for each ranged weapon.

XP Tracking


Characteristics rolls

Dice Roll:
2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10 2d10
d10 Results: 10, 2 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 9, 4 (Total = 13)
d10 Results: 1, 10 (Total = 11)
d10 Results: 5, 10 (Total = 15)
d10 Results: 4, 5 (Total = 9)
d10 Results: 6, 3 (Total = 9)
d10 Results: 10, 2 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 5, 7 (Total = 12)
d10 Results: 4, 1 (Total = 5)

Dice Roll:
d5 Results: 1 (Total = 11)

Dice Roll:
d5 Results: 1 (Total = 20)

Screwed over on wounds and infamy

Ok I do believe that's everything and I'm putting that down here before I change my mind again

Acquisitions were based on gear to look similar to what she has in the picture (shotgun with pistol grip//fire selector, A respirator and carpace Armour sorta thing) so hopefully that should be no issue and while she can't use the power mace I'm playing it as a trophy she took from another target that shes planning to learn to use herself. that and the only thing I could think of trading ti for would be a forcefield of one type or another and I don't want to go down that route so early - dodge not tank is her method of survival.

she will be looking at additional ammos and greandes (smoke/stun) later on though.

Otherwise it should all be there and ready for review

Question that I recall before finishing this - for special ammos - do you treat anything that can be used by SP weapons as suitable for a shotgun (losing scatter I assume) or only things that specifically state shotgun

Both shotgun descriptions (assault and human/legion) show up under the Solid Projectile header (meaning the text, not the stat line). So I'd say that it's RAW for Shotguns to qualify as SP in all things, including special ammo.

thank you for that - good to know in advance and for future looting and gearing purposes, it also opens up a lot of options to pursue rather than being pigeon holed into just one or two for that aspect

Ok then - all done - fire away

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