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Character creation rules/Q&A

Character creation rules/Q&A

To create a character, read this topic first of all, and ask here any questions you may have. Then, post a topic in this section with your application: there isn't a particular format I want you to stick to, but you must include any and all the following information.

Role: I'm looking to put together a team consisting of one striker, one tank and one supporter (for a total of 3 players to be accepted), and in fact the game will have systems in place that are built specifically with such a composition in mind, so yeah, please try and build your characters accordingly.

Name: Well duh

Race: Tiefling only, but you can customize it with the variant heritages/racial abilities for free, no need to spend any feats on it.

Class: We're using the Spheres system, so you can use any SoP class, any SoM class, any CotS class, and any Paizo class with one of the Spheres-legal archetypes.

Level: We start at level 5. Leveling up will be done via milestone.

Base Stats: 25 points buy. As a side note, I tend to see stats as mere mechanics, rather than strict definitions of what your character is: as such, I won't force you to be a complete idiot who talks in broken English just because you put an 8 in Int, just to make an example. With that being said, I'm giving you such a high point buy for a reason: rather than min-maxing, try and have well-rounded stats.

Traits: 2, you can have 3 if you also take a drawback.

Appearance: I would like to get a short description, but I will accept a pic if you prefer; have both for maximum efficiency. The Disgaea series has a very distinct visual style, so trying to come up with something that fits it would earn you extra brownie points, but is not mandatory.

Personality: The most important aspect of the campaign will be your growth as individuals, and having a solid base for that will obviously be a major asset. As such, this will be the most important section of your app, and the one that will have the largest impact on my decision, so please try and put as much effort and cure as possible here.

Background: Another section you should put a lot of effort and cure into. In particular, I must stress that your characters will replace the canon characters Killia, Red Magnus and Usalia: needless to say, those characters have deep, complex ties with the three main villains, so yeah, since I'm going to provide you A LOT of info concerning those villains, I expect you to provide, in your apps, ties to them that can be deep and interesting enough to efficiently replace those protagonists I listed. Make use of private tags if you have to, but yeah, since past bonds and revenge are the man themes of the game, I demand to see particularly interesting plot hooks here.

Background Skills are in play.
Elephant in the room not in pay, because the Spheres system already gives you plenty of ways to play around feat taxes.

You start with standard money for a level 5 PC, and you cannot spend more than half that sum on a single item. However, we're adding an extra rule: the maximum you can have for magic weapon/armor is a +1 weapon/armor. Having a higher bonus is forbidden, and so is having special qualities: why? Because this game will actually have the Item World for that!

In addition to all of the above, I should mention that Hero Points are going to be in use: you begin play with 1 Hero Point and, throughout the game, many methods will be explained for you to use in order to acquire more. In addition, there are going to be some special flavor info, as well as some additional mechanics, which it is mandatory for you to work into your apps: they're explained here, here and here. Please read the linked topics carefully!

Originally Posted by relekorlagunis View Post
What level of guns are we using?
Emerging will do

Yeah, hit points. Maximum at first level then average will do!

It has been a bit. I have a question, Are you going to be using legendary talents? One in particular I was looking at gave use of large weapons, so sort of what the tighten mauler did.

Also, I know you said weapons and armor were restricted to only be +1, I was curious if other items were as well, or restricted to their first magic bonus level in cases of items like belts or headbands that add +2 to a stat?

Oh, With HP, do we have the option to roll them? When you do the average, some GM's are different, did you want us to do the rounded up, or back and fourth average, for example with my Hit die, 10, +6, +5, +6, +5 = 32, than add con, or 10, +6 for the other four levels = 34 than add Con?

On the fence regarding legendary talents. For now it's better if you don't take them, I'll maybe make them available later.

No item can be above +1.

"Average" in D&D/PF means "half the dice +1 + your modifier". Please go with that.

Ok, so no on the belt or headband? And the legendary talent I was looking at requires level six anyway, so can do.


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