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So are we to roll for every part of character creation, such as archetype, career, etc? I am down just want to do things correctly so I don't have to try and redo it

You only need to roll for Power Generation and the Distinguishing Feature.

If you are a villain, clearly, You fight because... won't apply, though it can give you ideas if you want.

If you are a hero, you will have that moment (you fight because) when you obtain your powers in the first part.

Basically, you roll once to see how many powers. Then you roll for your powers, and once more if it is a tree with multiple Powers like Elemental Manipulation or Power Manipulation. Then you roll for Distinguishing Features.

Ok, cool thanks for the Clarification

I took a lot of inspiration from the Fight Because. I randomly determined mine and it ended up being a major sticking point for who my character is.

Also, @Hero, your character is aesthetically amazing. I love the character art you picked out!

Just a heads up, if I take some time to post the intros or equivalent, it is to make sure that everyone starts pretty close regarding timeline and I still need to see some applications finished


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