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Jessica Waine - Ventrue

Jessica Waine - Ventrue

With her Long blonde hair, slim figure and soft face many assume that Jessica is just another pretty face with a charmed tongue. A misconception that only last until the ruthlessly smart woman puts her fist through anyone foolish enough to push her that far.
Driven, focused and relentless in her ambition, Jessica has here eyes on the prize and shes not the type to accept failure when she sets her mind to something no matter how unlikely others may feel it is.

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Char Sheet
Name: Jessica Waine
Chronicle: Silicon Valley
Joseph Wilson - A powerful and very smart Ventrue who has managed to retain his power and prestige by adapting to the situation where he can and when not, hiring or embracing those who can to work for him. While initially Jessica was brought in to cover a weakness in his business empire then later as a bodyguard before he came to see the full potential in her and nurtured it before embracing her.
Now while Jessica is making her own way she is still indebted to him and unofficially under his protection while her ambitions could serve him well in the future also. It is this sort of mindset and approach that has seen Josephs holdings and power gradually but constantly rising while keeping those he has aided loyal to him knowing it is more beneficial than trying a risky ploy that may fail.
Joseph Wilson
Concept: Corporate Security
While her most overarching goal is to relocate her sister she knows she needs resources and influence to do so safely while also ensuring her own survival. To that end while the final goal is her sisters there are goals to meet along the way and the big one right now is to become the sheriff, as such a position will not only reflect well on her for influence but ensure those she asks cooperate as well as giving her a cover to start asking such things to begin with.
New Sheriff In Town
Rebecca is the reason she is in this situation, Rebecca is the first and last thing she thinks of each night and Rebecca is the reason she keeps going just now. Its more than just having to find her sister for her sisters sake, its become about finding her to prove this was all worth it, the bloodlust, the pain, the suffering, the gradual loss of her morals and the increasing desire for power and status. It can't have been for nothing so she KNOWS that Rebecca's out there and will find her..... she has to.
Lost Sister
■ Add a specialty: Intimidation (Stickups) or Brawl (Grappling)
■ Gain one dot of Celerity or Potence
■ Lose one dot of Humanity
■ Gain three dots of criminal Contacts
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 12th



Jessica's training under various instructors hired by Joseph revealed that not only was she a fast learner but that she also showed a particular aptitude for grapples and restraining her opponents which was helpful in not only stopping assailants but also to capture targets or hold down prey for feeding.
Animal Ken

More than any other skill this is the one that Joseph taught her the importance of. Unlife is filled with making deals and promises and the most important part of that is to make sure your getting the best deal you can. Never accept the first offer and always negotiate for better terms to suit you over them.



Advantages & Flaws
Heart & The Blood
Dominate ●○○○○
1: Cloud Memory
2: -/-
Fortitude ●●○○○
1: Unswayable Mind
2: Toughness
3: -/-
Potence ●○○○○
1: Lethal Body
2: -/-
Presence ●○○○○
1: Daunt
2: -/-

Blood Bonds on you lose their Bond strength more slowly than normal, decreasing by one for each three months without being reinforced.
Long Bond

(Blond Females)

Wether its just a quirk of her blood or a mental connection to her sisters looks or her own the result is the same. Jessica flat out refuses and physically cannot hunt or feed from Blondes as long as they are female.
Prey Exclusion

Fred "The Duke" Roberts - from Predator type

The Duke as he likes to be known is a neutral in the criminal underworld working for all sides and none. No one knows how he managed to get to his unique position but hes the man you go to if you want something delivered, a meeting arranged or to know the goings on in the less legal affairs of the city
Contacts (Criminal) •••

Middle Class

While Jessica may not have started out with any significant capital of her own she was taught basic economics and finances by her sire who ensured she would not be helpless in such a fashion. As part of his gift for her departure form his oversight he gifted her with not only her haven but also a modest amount of money to start out with though it was also partly a test to see how well she would handle such a thing without oversight though even after her investments she has some left over thankfully

Base •• and security system ••

As part of a gift for her leaving his protection and having earned her freedom from being under his care and oversight Joseph ensured his Childer would have a haven to call her own. A modest sized apartment in a fairly classy area was his gift to her. While it is no fortress attacking it openly does risk drawing a lot of attention from the mortals in the area and is thus has protection through the masquerade, to an extent.

Once she had obtained the Have she added her own security measures to it, while it was already somewhat secure she knew that it could be more so and the various security cameras, sensors and such in the area are now tied in to her own system to alert her to any approach to her haven. She has plans to expand her haven in many additional ways but for now has them on hold as her focus is on the Theatre

Base Good size, security & privacy.
Security System For each dot add one die to your dice pool to resist (or alert you to) unauthorized entry into your haven
Haven • •


Jessica is known within the city as someone to keep an eye on for various reasons ranging from her potential aid and noted skills to the fact that her sire is a powerful elder in his own right. Others afford her basic respect as she was embraced and presented properly cording to the traditions and customs and has thus far conducted herself well within
Status (Camarilla)

Shared advantage with Coterie

While it took a good chunk of her resources and time the effort put in to their domain and the Burbank theatre is part of a plan and hopefully a way to rise to prominence in the area.
Domain •••

■■■■■ □□□□□

■■■■■ ■□□□□

■■■■■ ■□□□□
■□□□□ □□□□□
Blood Potency
●○○○○ ○○○○○
Blood Surge: ? | Mend Amount: ?
Power Bonus: ? | Rouse Re-Roll: ?
Feeding Penalty: ? | Bane Severity: ?
Resonance: -----

The Personal Touch

Chronicle Tenants
Touchstones & Convictions

Clan Bane

Tenants to be decided with players and ST


Paul Webb is an officer within the San Jose Police department and while hes not a particularly high placed one, well decorated or super detective he came to Jessica's attention when she found out that he was routinely accessing the missing persons list including old and dismissed cases and continuing to search for them on his downtime and has actually solved and found a few of those missing person giving others closure.

Jessica see's this as a beacon of hope that if this officer is still looking then maybe others are to and they will one day find Rebecca or she will. Regardless shes kept an eye on him and his progress and feels somewhat protective of his work, especially when she sees him succeed and reunite another broken family with their lost ones.
Paul Webb


Conviction Tied to Touchstones - Rebecca & Paul Webb

Giving up is not something Jessica can allow herself to do which is what lead to the ceaseless search for her sister to begin with and has only been reinforced by her ventrue sires training and teachings. If you give up you have failed and failure is not an acceptable outcome for either Jessica or a Ventrue. If you don't succeed you just kep trying from different approaches until you succeed but you Do Not Give Up.
Never give up

When a Ventrue drinks blood from any mortal outside their preference, a profound exertion of will is required or the blood surges back up as scarlet vomit.

Jessica finds that her taste tends towards only allowing her to freely feed from those who are for whatever reason Unmarried or not in a serious commitment to another.

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Jessica Waine Character sheet
Alleycat, 12th-Generation Ventrue, Corporate Security

Health: [][][][][] | Willpower: [/][][][][] | Humanity: ■■■■■ ■[][][] | Hunger: 1 | Blood Potency: 1
Blood Surge: 1 die | Mend Amount: 1 point | Power Bonus: - | Rouse Re-Roll: Level 1
Feeding Penalty: None | Bane Severity: 1 | Resonance: -

a question to you regarding touchstones as well as ventrue bane

regarding touchstone does it still have to connect and tie in to the convictions?

the bane for ventrue - how severe do you typically see it being on average - aka only from men (to lax) only from unmarried individuals to married within last 5 days - all those used as examples no what char plans to go for

You are correct regarding Touchstones and Convictions, they are linked. RE: the Bane, let me know what your thought is to Jessica's Bane. I'll let you know if it fits.

In terms of how often it'll come up - that'll depend on the Bane, your Herd, and access to kine to pull from. The latter two will make your Hunting checks more or less challenging. Of course, the Bane lets you try to feed in a pinch on anything for Willpower...

well - That I believe is Jessica ready for evaluation and review so let me know how it goes - what I messed up on and what needs clarified, explained or altered

@Takai: Rebecca would need to be known to be alive and tied to a Conviction of her own in order to be a Touchstone. She could still be an important Relationship however, if you don't want to go that route. Otherwise, sheet looks solid.

mmhh kay will just move her to the relationship section at least as shes still a goal to - was more as an accompaniment and as the hope shes alive rather than knowledge but yeah - if theres nothing wrong or need fixed/clarified then Ready and waiting (and hoping)

Jessica Waine Character sheet
Alleycat, 12th-Generation Ventrue, Corporate Security

Health: [][][][][] | Willpower: [/][][][][] | Humanity: ■■■■■ ■[][][] | Hunger: 1 | Blood Potency: 1
Blood Surge: 1 die | Mend Amount: 1 point | Power Bonus: - | Rouse Re-Roll: Level 1
Feeding Penalty: None | Bane Severity: 1 | Resonance: -

@Takai: I assume Jessica's status is with the Cam? If so, can you note that?

@Takai: reviewing your Ambition and Desire, I think becoming Sheriff is a bit of a long-term goal. You're likely to fulfill find out about the sister long before rising to Sheriff. I recommend swapping them.


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