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Marella Lethe

Marella Lethe


Drowned passenger

Name: Marella Lethe
Seasoned Undine Silver-tongue, 4 Advances
6 (0)

d6 | Athletics (Agility)
d4 | Common Knowledge (Smarts)
d6 | Notice (Smarts)
d8 | Persuasion (Spirit)
d4 | Stealth (Agility)

d8 | Fighting (Agility)
d4 | Performance (Spirit)
d4 | Shooting (Agility)
d4 | Survival (Smarts)
When underwater
Sea Hunter Racial
d4 | Taunt (Smarts)
d8 | Thievery (Agility)

Things are a lot easier for you when others find you attractive. She's matured into a beauty even those normally not attracted to Undine would admire.
She adds +2 to Performance and Persuasion rolls if the target is attracted to their
general type (gender, sex, species, etc.).
Very Attractive
She exudes confidence and goodwill and is definitely trustworthy. Persuasion rolls can be rerolled for free once.
A character with this Edge may freely give her Bennies to any other character she can communicate with. The player should explain what form this takes, from a quick shout of encouragement to a welcome pat on the back.
Common Bond

There's nothing she can't overcome and a challenge is half the fun.
Overconfident (Major)
She wasn't on board the ship that sank and is on the run from a Deep Undine cult who are out for vengeance. The bounty is pretty high for her, even on land.
Secret (Major)

Undine cannot drown in water and move at their full Pace when swimming.
Undine are used to the darkness of the depths. They ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Illumination.
Low-Light Vision
Undine are experts at navigating underwater. They add a +2 to any Survival roll made while underwater.
Sea Hunter
Life in the depths of their watery worlds has made undine tough and resilient. Add +1 to their Toughness.
Thick Skin

Undine take a 4 penalty to resist the negative effects of hot environments and heat damage they take is increased by 4.
Heat Stroke
Oftentimes living completely underwater, many undine are used to, and indeed prefer, their meat raw and sometimes, still living.
Unwholesome Appetite
Rapier Str+d4 $150 Parry +1
Sword, Short
The minimum strength is d6. Marella currently only has d4 strength but keeps this sword around as another keep sake. Original damage Str+d6.
str+d4 $100
Flintlock Pistol 5/10/20 2d6+1 $150
Shot (w/powder) 1/$10 x4 shots
Supple leather jacket (torso, arms) +1 $20
Cloth leggings (legs) +1 $20
Canteen (waterskin) $5 w/ wine (Good Meal $15)

1 Edge Charismatic
2 Attribute Agility d6 --> d8
3 Fighting d6 --> d8, Thievery d6 --> d8
4 (Seasoned) Edge Common Bond

Name: Marella Lethe
Race: Undine
Concept: Slippery liar trying to avoid her past as much as the truth.

Background: It's hard to pin down exactly what she did to piss off so many of the wrong people. The lies on top of lies to keep herself safe mean it's all a bit of a blur now. For a High Undine she's spent a considerable amount of time in the depths of the ocean as well as on land. No matter where she goes, she seems to fit in eventually.

Description/Personality: Like most Undine, she's lean in build and lacks a few of the more prominent undine mutations meaning most would consider her attractive. Especially her emerald eyes. Recently she models her fashion on a drowned friend. Trying to copy her identity the best she can. Her skin was already pale, even if it was a pale blue and her hair black like the depths of the ocean. But now she always wears it in a twin tail. She got the unknowns women's coat fixed and now constantly wears it. It's a dark leather jacket which goes with most things she wears. Like most things, clothes are a tool to get what she wants. Low cut tops or short dresses to get the job done but always with that leather jacket. It'll stay this way until she takes on another persona.

Her personality is everything YOU want it to be. What you need in that moment in time. Like a snake she's cunning and will change depending on the circumstances.

It's rare to get her to act truthfully. But when she does she's still lying to someone. Herself. She gives off a bubbly personality but something just seems empty with it all. She gets joy out of things, her life is all fun and excitement but something missing. Maybe it's meaning? or someone to share it all with? or something as simple as feeling safe? Who knows. That would take her being truthful.

Around danger. It's very unlikely she'll throw herself in harm's way to protect someone else but is more than happy for you to protect her. She's not helpless though and with a sword can protect herself fairly well. But she'll act all helpless if someone else can do it.

Goals & Ambitions: She came on board for safe travel to a place far from the normal more morally civilised society. A place she could hide and start a new life. Hopefully for good. But she has a horrible problem with trouble just finding her. Nothing to do with actions having consequences.

The plan is to get lost within the land dwellers and as far away from the ocean cities of the Undine. To do that though she'll need money. Yeah she could work for a living but much easier to use that slippery tongue of hers to get what she wants. Prepare to help willingly or be convinced you are.

Tale of the Unknown Drowned Women

Marella went by another name back then. It wasn't her real name but her identity changed so often back then that it's hard to keep track. For ease, lets say her name was Tess. Tess was on the run from a merchant guild back east (as well as keeping low from some other people) and had decided to leave the continent right under their noses by latching on to the underbelly of one of their supply ships. She could of swam across the ocean quite easily but hitching a ride meant she could interact with people who could hopefully hold a two sided conversation. A few months talking to just fish can drive anyone insane. Going up on the deck at night made the journey more interesting and as long as she kept to the deck hands they'd be non the wiser to who she was, or even care for that matter.

The first few nights she came on board to steal food and just dry off a bit. Undine were at home in the sea but Tess had been on land often enough to miss it when she was fully submerged for a long time. After a few weeks she started to get cocky, spending nights at gambling tables and chatting til her jaw was sore. That was a mistake. One night the crew was rowdy and attracted the attention of the first mate. A stubborn old man that never forgot a face and always picked the crew. He was well respected and Tess had to make a not so subtle but quick exit diving off the side of the ship into the sea.

The remainder of the trip she'd spent sulking holding onto the side of the ship or hiding in one of their shallow water boats tied to the side. That was till Marella, the real one, started sneaking her food. Obviously it didn't start out like that. She was just a kind soul looking to help someone who looked miserable. It started with the two chatting while she scrubbed the deck and ended with the two confiding a lot in each other. Tess figured she'd never see any of the crew again and it was nice to get some things off her chest. Over the weeks maybe she wished Marella would of stuck with her. She truly valued her friendship.

Unfortunately things don't last forever and journeys aren't always safe. There's pirates on the open seas that you can arm yourself against but some things you can't prepare for, like mother nature. She's a bitch... Tess kinda liked her. The sky opened up and before long waves overrun the ship. Unhinged cargo destroyed the sails and ruptured the hull. Undine know to dive deep where the current is calmer. Most land dwellers can't swim that well or hold their breath long enough. Tess really tried to help Marella but she couldn't keep her above water. The storm was too bad and only getting worse. Marella was too panicked to keep calm enough for Tess to breathe for her. Tess watched as the life drained from her eyes as she choked on the very thing keeping Tess alive.

She held her in her arms slowly sinking to the floor. Undine don't cry but the sentiment was there. Tess lay her down on the sea bed removing her jacket and swords. She gave her a proper Undine burial and covered her grave in sea plants and then swam to shore. It wasn't much but better than the rest of the crew got.

A few days later she walked into a small lumber town Inn and caught the attention of a local. "Can I buy you a drink miss? What's your name?".

"Oh of course you can. Aren't you sweet... The names Marella."

Marella Lethe

Character narrations

"Talking out loud."

Thinking something


Undine are common, especially among communities near to the coast. They are split into two cultures. The Deep Undine and the High Undine.

Deep Undine are keepers of tradition and build large cities on the ocean floor. Although they interact with other species. It is usually on a limited basis or through aggression if they have disturbed their territory. If they do come to shore, stereotypically they are polite and respectful of land dweller traditions. They are very good at picking up on social clues in an attempt to not cause offense. On a ship or in the water though, they are arrogant that they are the true benefactors of the sea. Often annoying land dwellers by enforcing their customs and explaining things in a patronising manor.

High Undine, named for their proximity to the surface of the water, and not because they are of high class, usually live on land. Returning only to the sea to fish/hunt or assist with ships. Most High Undine act no differently to anyone else in the place they inhabit. Having the same drives and fears as those around them. This has led them to sometimes be called Land Dwellers by more traditional Undine as a slur. Much in the same way they'd call a Human or Gnome the same name.

@Khakhan I think mechanically my character is done. Could you double check please. Just need to finish backstory.

I was hoping to have my character steal the clothes off the "unknown drown person" before being introduced to the others so it seems like she's swept up on shore. Is that possible? I was planning on writing a little prequel story here unless your planning on having a ship sinking scene. If that's the case. I can play the "unknown drowned person" and Marella (in the water) in that scene.

I'd honestly rather see the backstory finished first before I look at the sheet.

I also... don't really know how well her pretending to be a fellow passenger would actually work. This ship isn't huge, and most of what it transports is cargo, not passengers. Besides the PCs, there were only about a handful of other passengers that weren't crew.

Hmmm ok. Are you still happy for my major to be a secret. I think I still like the idea of stealing someone's identify. I'll try and get the changes up.

Yeah. She could still be pretending to be someone else. False papers to get on board the Passepartout and whatnot to slip off to another Port and lay out a series of false IDs. That could set up like Thieves Guild type stuff.


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