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Savage Progression with Reassigned LAs (Monster Manual 3)

Savage Progression with Reassigned LAs (Monster Manual 3)

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Since Inevitability has begun leading a project on the GiantITP forums to reassign LA's for monsters, I've taken it upon myself to create new Savage Progressions for the monsters from the Monster Manual.

I've focused on monsters from ECL 4 and up, because that's what might see use at the Realm Folded Tavern game, which is the first game to use these progressions. Since the starting level at RFT is 3rd, there's no need for a progression for monsters with ECL 3 or lower.

I'm also cranking these out fairly quickly, so there are bound to be plenty of errors remaining, and I can't be sure that I've put them together in the most balanced and appropriate way. I'm also not taking the time to explain all the features and abilities: hopefully the abilities are mostly self-explanatory, but I make no promises.

Note also that I avoided completely explaining all the monsters' abilities into these progressions, mainly to lessen my workload, but also to (hopefully) assuage any legal concerns with the non-OGL monsters. These progressions won't allow you to play these monsters without using the original source material, so I hope that's enough to avoid issues. I hope there's enough information here for people to use them, but there are bound to be some issues and some things I've not done well enough, so additional oversight is welcome.


I advocate some flexibility in these progressions with regard to which levels are "level adjustment" levels (
the levels that don't advance BAB, HD, saves or skill points
i.e.). I think it's appropriate to let a player choose to shift the LA level(s) up or down one level
But, in general, don't allow LA at the 1st level, because that's likely not going to help anyone.
**, just in case doing so helps them, such as with a gestalt character when they're not allowed to put LA on both "sides" at the same level (
An Ethereal Mauler has a point of LA at 2nd level. If the player is not allowed to gestalt LA with LA, that can limit his choices for inherited templates. So, I'd allow him to move the LA to 3rd, so he could take an LA +2 template like Half-Dragon.

To do this, he would simply shift the BAB and saves so they're advanced at 2nd level instead of 3rd, and 3rd level would no longer advance those stats. Nothing else in the progression changes, though.

Reassigned Monster Progressions (MM3), ECL 4-5




Reassigned Monster Progressions (MM3), ECL 6-8





Reassigned Monster Progression (MM3), ECL 9-10


ECL 10


Reassigned Monster Progressions (MM3), ECL 11-14

ECL 11

ECL 12


Reassigned Monster Progressions (MM3), ECL 15-17

ECL 15


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