Character Creation

Character Creation

Creating a character is quite simple: Start up a character sheet, create a character! What could go wrong?

Post your application in its own thread and please format your application however you feel appropriate, but readability is a plus!

Very Important!: Once your character is 100% complete and you aren't going to make any changes to it, please let me know. I will close the thread and move it to the "To Be Judged" section of this game forum. I'll try to judge it within 24 hours of it being completed, but don't hold me to that. Life happens.

I'll be judging all applications for this game based on the criteria found here: Click Me!

If you have questions, they can be posted here: Click Me!

Lastly, if you're having trouble fleshing out your character, I encourage you to take advantage of The Terrible Taps. The Terrible Taps is an in-character roleplaying thread that you can use even if your character isn't complete yet. You can find it here: Click Me!

Starting BP: 500
Races: Any
Qualities: 35 maximum for both positive and negative
Skills: 3 at 5 or 2 at 6, rest at 4 or below
Free Knowledge Skill Points: (Int + Log) * 2
Free Contact BP: Cha * 3

Flavor Notes
This game is Brown Business Suit. I'm looking for characters that can be serious when needed but aren't afraid to crack a joke. The characters for this game will know each other and have known each other for a while, so they should be comfortable conversing and talking about things candidly without feeling the need to be paranoid around one another.

Joint Task Force Seattle (JTF-S) is a combined force of Navy, Army, and Air Force personnel based out of Fort Lewis and the Everett Naval Shipyards. Their primary purpose is to "ensure the peace and security of the metroplex of Seattle." The force is on permanent duty in Seattle, and frequently squads of JTF-S are assigned to duties such as patrolling, clashing with major gangs, border patrols, and "military readiness exercises", as the Seattle 2072 book puts it.

As such, characters can come from a variety of backgrounds that should cover the entire gamut of typical Shadowrunner roles. Be sure to keep the JTF-S in mind when writing your character's history and personality. To give you a nudge, here are a few questions to consider:
  • How and why did your character come to join JTF-S?
  • How do they feel about General Darcy's heavy-handed attitude towards peacekeeping in the city?
  • What does your character contribute to the squad and JTF-S as a whole?

Mandatory Free Qualities
Everyone receives the following Qualities for free at character creation (Free meaning they don't cost any BP and don't refund any BP):

SINner (5BP)
Your choice of either: Hung out to Dry (10BP) or Records on File (10BP)
Restricted Gear x3 (15BP total)

Things That Are Not Allowed
Drakes/Latent Dracomorphosis
AI Characters
Sapient Critters
Free Spirits
Karmagen or other alternate character creation rules

Allowed Books
Shadowrun Fourth Edition, 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook
Street Magic
Runner's Companion
Deadly Waves
Runner Havens
Running Wild
Corporate Enclaves
Feral Cities
Seattle 2072
The Rotten Apple: Manhattan
Corporate Guide
Ghost Cartels
Sixth World Almanac
Conspiracy Theories
Street Legends
Spy Games
10 Gangs
10 Jackpointers
Way of the Adept