Application Judging Criteria

Application Judging Criteria

Applications will be judged according to the following criteria. If you're curious, no, this is not entirely subjective. I have a strict set of guidelines I use to judge characters.
  • Application Format: 1 Point
  • Appearance: 5 Points
  • Personality: 5 Points
  • Background: 5 Points
  • Character Sheet: 5 Points
  • Portrait: 1 Point
  • Posting Template: 1 Point
  • Statblock: 1 Point
  • Activity of Player: 1 Point
  • Tiebreaker: 0.5 points, used only to break ties
  • Total: 25 possible points, before any tiebreakers

Any application missing any section worth 5 points at the end of the application period will be automatically disqualified from participating in this game.

As a note, I don't do feedback on how to improve. I've tried doing it in the past, but it takes too long and to be entirely honest I'm not sure how helpful it really is. This system is entirely for my own benefit and helps me find the absolute best characters I possibly can.

If your character manages to score a perfect 25/25, I would like to request that you allow me to add them to the list below. The list below is a variety of characters from different systems and games that should help give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

Examples of Excellent Characters:

Angel, by Sicarius07
Stryker, by Seeker of 7ruth
Killian, by Kirby
Athana, by Nathan
Cray, by Nathan
John Thomas, by OptimusReim
Iserelia, by Nathan
Rekk, by OrigamiSamurai
Alayna, by Faith
Siobahn, by sendrinon