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Character Creation

Character Creation

Race: Restricted to Warforged: Modified - See notes
Level: Eight
Hit Points: Average +1
Class Restrictions: Single class or at most one multi-class, caster classes do not require material components, divine or spell focuses. However, the sacrifice they use to cast spells is great and obvious. Revealed upon casting the first spell in game.
Statistics: Standard Point Buy
Items and Gold: No Gold, One Common Weapon, One Common Shield, One Common Armor, One Uncommon Weapon


The Modified Warforged are essentially the same as most warforged- however on the palm of their right hand they bear a Lesser Mark of Making, on their left hand they bear a Lesser Mark of Passage. These appeared when your character was risen to the Tide but did not exist prior- Yes this overrules the usual rules about one Dragonmark as well as Warforged.

Your story should begin in Wroat (Breland) and end on the border between the Mournland and Breland. About to cross to where the call originates.

I want to know what you were doing since your origin, what mundane tasks did the humans force you into? Were you a weapon? A slave? Unpaid Labor?

What tasks did you despise the most and why? Or, with a twist, did you love your commitment to the humans? Was it something you enjoyed? Did the call to move on irk you?

So... this is confusing. Your Sources appear to be 5e books, but you are calling this a 3.5 game.

Yep. That’s correct. I consider myself reasonable at converting things on the fly no matter what characters choose this should be doable

So are we using Warforged racial traits from Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron rather than the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting? That is a bit confusing, not sure why we would convert 5e Warforged to 3.5 when there is a 3.5 version of them?

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