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I get asked in every game whether or not someone can submit multiple applications or characters. My general answer, which we will use for this game, is that you may do so…but it won’t look good for you. I cannot trust you to be committed to your character or the game if you feel the need to “hedge your bets” and submit multiple characters. How do I know which one you really want to play? So while you can do it, the chances of any of your characters being accepted is slim to none, and Slim has one foot out the door.

I expect to see a post rate of no less than 3 times per week, at least 3 weeks out of every month. I get that real life happens, and sometimes stuff happens that has to be dealt with. But everyone in this game needs to be committed to making it work, and that includes posting with frequency. If you feel you cannot commit to this, please be honest.

I will post as often as necessary to keep the story moving. With that said, this is a story that you are invested in as much as, if not more than, I am. I am here to guide the events of the world and give you hints and clues as to what you may or may not need to do. I will set the scene, and I will give plot points and hints and clues as to what needs to happen, but it is up to you to take action. Consistently posting “I sit around and wait to see what happens” is not moving the story forward, nor is it taking any action or actually doing something. I cannot respond appropriately if you are not acting or doing something. Sitting and waiting, while appropriate at times, is not what this game is about. Games die when people wait. Take action. Go explore the world. Even the craziest statements like “Well, I’m going to walk across the courtyard and kiss the princess on the lips in front of her boyfriend” tell me you are going somewhere and attempting to do something, which means I can either interject and say that something interrupts you OR I can let it happen and throw a situation out there for you to deal with as a result of this. Good or bad, though, it’s far better than “I sit and wait”.

My NPCs try to act like real people. If you treat them as people, being kind or humble or generally not abusing them, they will respond in kind (except in situations where they are expected to be assholes). But if you treat them bad, no matter what information they have or supplies they can give, they are going to respond in kind. And once you treat an NPC badly, it will take a very long time before they accept any kind of apology. And if this means that you have to finish the scene without getting whatever it was you needed to get from them, so be it; you’ll have to find another way. My NPCs don’t just give stuff up because you need it, nor are they entirely intimidatable just because I know you are Vampires. Treat them good, and good things happen. Treat them bad, and you are on your own.

Player vs. Player combat will not be tolerated. In any way, shape, or form. I’m not talking about playful comments or joking, but rather actual rolling dice and throwing punches. Whoever throws the first punch is expunged. I will then review the situation, and if the second player egged on the first or is found to be an instigator in the situation, that player is also expunged. There will be no warnings, or talking to, or discussion about this. This situation is the end of the line for whoever is involved.

You are forming a coterie, so at the beginning of the game – and for the immediate and possible foreseeable future – you are required to work together. There will be no secret meetings to exclude other players, or machinations about how to take over the world, or plotting to set one of the other players up for failure. You will work together for a common goal, which is more than likely to survive against those more powerful than you until such time comes that you can take them out. Actively working against the group at large will incur the same penalty as found above under Player vs. Player combat. I will not allow the game to die because the group splinters. If you are feeling the need to branch out on your own, please talk to me first because it may be a failing on my part to give you the story you need to stay involved.

When posting:

All normal text is non-bolded, non-italicized, and black.
All thoughts are italicized in the color of your choosing.
All speech is bolded in the color of your choosing.

I am putting this out there about post formatting because there are times where someone doesn’t bold or italicize for speech/thoughts, and I miss it. And then I get the questions about “Why didn’t so-and-so respond to me”. Well, because I didn’t see you actually say anything because you didn’t format your post properly. So to head that off at the pass, I’m putting it out here now. If you fail to format your post properly, I will probably miss stuff. So help me to help you.

I do not carry dice rolls over from post to post, except for Initiative and/or those things that have extended effects. You cannot just simply say “I’m rolling for Persuasion now; just use it when it’s applicable”. I use the dice as soon as they are rolled, and I forget about that roll as soon as you post next.

On that note, do not inundate every single post with a roll of some kind in the hopes that it gets used and you find/see/hear whatever it is you think is a secret out there. You aren’t always going to be Alert; you aren’t always going to be able to hear your surroundings; you aren’t always going to be looking in the exact right spot at the exact right time. Not to mention that this is nothing more than cluttering your post.

Oh, and before I forget – please put dice rolls AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR POSTS. I cannot stress enough how many times I fail to see rolls because they are hidden in OOC tags in the middle of someone’s post. If you make mention of doing something but the dice roll isn’t at the bottom of your post, you fail because I won’t see it. And this goes for all dice rolls, whether you are searching the room or using a Discipline to torture your enemy.

Who I Am
This is probably going to be the single-most important post for this game, and I encourage everyone to read this multiple times and, if you are so willing, to commit it to memory. What I say here I cannot stress enough.

I ask questions. A lot of questions. Not because I am trying to be confrontational, or because I don't believe you, or because I'm looking for a way to disallow what you want to do. In addition to not knowing every rule that exists, as well as sometimes just not understanding what is being said, I dislike ambiguity. Check that - I abhor ambiguity. I am the kind of person that needs things to be in black and white, spelled out, with all the math and work shown. I want things to be easy - easy for me to adjudicate, and easy for you to deal with my adjudication. To that end, I cannot and will not guess at what you mean or what you want to do.

Please help me to help you. If I ask you questions, it is not because I'm being a dick. I am asking you questions because I want to make sure I understand your actions or words, and I don't want to rule on something one way and then have you come back later and say "That's not what I meant". I'm honestly not singling you out, nor am I looking for a way to say "No". I want to understand; I want to know. And I cannot do that unless I ask questions. I don't know everything, nor do I know where to find the answers some times. So please don't take it personally if I ask a lot of questions.

On that note, I fully expect you to ask me as many questions as you need to in order to understand what I'm saying or doing. This street goes both ways, and I don't take it personally when you ask me things. I will, however, point you to the rules threads if your question has already been answered. If it hasn't, I will answer the best way I can and then, if necessary, I will add both the question and answer to one of the rules threads.

I am not the kind of ST/GM who is out to kill the players, nor am I here to "win". This is not to say that you are immune from dying, but rather that I am not out to intentionally kill you. I will maim, hurt, torture, and make you wish you were dead, but my goal here is not to kill you off. If you die, I have to recruit a replacement and bring them up to speed; it's far easier to incapacitate you and let you work your way back to healthy.

Now, with this said, I will state that I don't pull punches. If you are in combat against an obviously powerful opponent and he's handing it to you, the onus is on you to make the decision to run. If you stand to the end against someone or something that can kill you, you may very well die. You cannot beat every opponent with a show of force; you cannot win every fight. The World of Darkness is a dangerous place, and the dangers therein are very real. Do not feel that you can't run. In fact, in a lot of situations, you should.

Also on this topic, you cannot intimidate every NPC you meet into doing whatever it is you want them to do. You have Disciplines at your disposal, and there are definitely a multitude of ways to get around any situation I give you. But being mean and trying to brow-beat every NPC into submission and doing your bidding is nothing more than a one-way ticket to combat. Intimidation works best when it's done sparingly.

There comes a time in every game where we dive into combat. And in PBP, even the task of rolling for initiative becomes arduous and drawn-out. To this end, whenever we are to get into combat, I will be rolling initiative for everyone so as to not have to wait for days for everyone to roll. This will help speed things up.

Initiative, for those who don't know, is 1d10 + Dexterity + Wits + Celerity, and then adjusted by any wound penalties you have. I will not be rolling this every single turn, but rather we will use static initiative. That is, I will roll once at the top of combat, and this will be your initiative for the entirety of combat.

In the event 2 or more characters/enemies have the same end result, ties will be broken in the following order:
  • Vampires and other supernatural creatures before mortals
  • Highest Celerity Rating
  • Highest Dexterity Rating
  • Highest Wits Rating
  • Highest actual d10 roll

If we get this far and there is still a tie, those who are tied act at the same time.

In addition to this, I tend to use block initiative. When I indicate that a group of players can act, I don't care what order you post in. You just post; I will worry about adjudication.

Combat, as a brief overview, is a set of actions that everyone performs in a set order. Celerity adds to the fun in that those with it may end up with multiple actions in a given turn. When sitting around a table, this is no problem; you just literally ask "Who has actions left" and people raise their hands and you get on with it. In PBP, waiting for someone to finish their actions can take far too long.

In addition to this, we can end up waiting for days just to finish one round of combat if people aren't posting. I'm not talking about weekends here; there can be time when people just don't log on or they sit and wait for others to post first. I do not want games stalling in combat, and therefore I must be frank about what to do.

When we are in combat, you have 24 hours from the time I indicate it is your turn to post. If you do not post inside that 24 hours, you will be skipped and will be considered to lose that action due to indecisiveness. This seems harsh, but 24 hours is a long time with PBP games.

I do not want to see posts that state "I delay" or "I do this, but if x happens I do something else". As I am going to (for the most part) adjudicate in the order posts come in, your post is what you are doing right now and is reacting to what has already happened, not what might happen. If you want to wait an hour or so to see if someone else posts and does something that would change your plan, do that. If you post, I am going to take your first action as what you are doing.

Combat and Your Character Sheet
I cannot remember every little detail about who and what you are, and therefore must rely upon the completeness of your character sheet when I roll Initiative or do stuff that involves your dice pools. I will take your character sheet as canon and use what I see on it at the time I roll. If you edit it after I roll, that's fine...but the roll stands. And yes, this means even if you have to edit it for damage (although, I am fairly obsessive with you updating your sheets for damage).

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