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Application Guidelines and Questions

Application Guidelines and Questions

No third party content is allowed.

Level: You will be starting at level 1
HP: Max at first level, roll after first
Stats: 25 point buy, with no stat being lower than 7 or higher than 18 after you apply racial modifiers
Starting Gold: Average for your class
Alignment: Any non-evil, no exceptions
Race: Drow, Tengu, Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and all Uncommon races are not allowed; any other official Paizo race is available
Class: All official Paizo classes and archetypes allowed; Use unchained versions of classes when available.
Traits: One campaign trait, one additional trait. You can have one additional traits in exchange for a drawback.
Religion: No evil deities, even if there is a temple in Korvosa dedicated to them (Especially Asmodeus, in this case)

Appearance: A paragraph will do nicely, as well as a semi-accurate picture. If you can't find a good picture just give some more details here.
Personality: A paragraph here as well, feel free to give me more.
Background: Here I'd like more than a paragraph. Go into as much detail as you like here, the more the better. Take into consideration that the majority of this game will take place in Korvosa, so while your character does not need to be a native of the city, they do need a reason to stay there long term for the time being. If things suddenly went crazy for some reason and the city went into anarchy, why would your character want to help save Korvosa? (If they don't really care for the city, or at least someone/something that is in the city, what will keep them from leaving when things really go bad?)

-In the hopes of encouraging creativity/giving more freedom to the PCs, every PC may take one extra feat at first level (in addition to racial/class feats). You must still qualify for this feat, and I encourage you to take an interesting feat you normally wouldn't (Steadfast personality, Distance thrower, Well-prepared, etc). Have fun with this.

-Background Skills are in effect to allow for you to further establish your character's roots in Korvosa.

-Due to the low level of the characters and the highly trained nature of most of the military branches, a character would not be a part of these organizations at the start of the game. The exception would be a volunteer in the Korvosan Guard, as they're a bit more lenient and really need any help they can get when things get really chaotic. Characters can, however, have the goal to join one of these groups in the future, as well as knowing some minor NPC in any of these groups.

Feel free to play around with formatting as you wish in your application, there is no required format; just please include all of the information mentioned here.

Post questions regarding character creation in this thread. I will add on to this as questions come up.

How much downtime will we have between adventures and encounters and such? Will we have time or the ability to craft, earn money, that sort of thing?

I played in an (unfortunately) aborted Crimson Throne campaign where we used the Downtime rules and started getting kinda political and scheme-y, and I really liked that part of it.

I suppose it depends on the group and the plot; certain books lend themselves well to extended downtime, while others push the game along quickly because taking downtime would put people at risk. I myself have never worked much with the Downtime rules, but if that is something the group is interested in, we can certainly try it out.

I don't see why not, although occult classes would probably be pretty rare and highly misunderstood if word got out.

How much latitude are we allowed with campaign traits? For example I'm thinking of doing Missing Child: Missing Son or daughter for my character but with the missing child being the daughter of someone close to him. Does that work?


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