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When retro-fitting characters, do the ability scores remain the same or should they be rebuilt from point-buy up?
They should be rebuilt from point-buy, making the character good for 4E. Only if there is some sort of points that can conceivably be spent on multiple stats without gimping the character should the original 3.5E stats be given consideration.

However, character flavor should be maintained as far as possible.

Sounds good. I'm a 'start-at-the-top-of-the-list' kind of guy, so I'll be submitting a character sheet and statblock for Ada as first order of business - unless you'd prefer NPCs built as monsters, which I can also do.

Actually I'd prefer that the Lords of the West be built as PCs.

Yeah, 22.

My apologies for the long delay, but I am back to working on Ada, and I have a question. Should Ada be made for toe to toe combat, or is she acceptable as a lead-from-the rear type? If the former, is there a problem with her being stronger? Otherwise she will have some melee powers that are significantly weaker than her ranged ones.

Ada is not a front-line fighter, so please build her accordingly. Also, don't hesitate to change her stats. Just keep her "flavor"-- radical mechanical revision is probably necessary.

Would radiant thematics be appropriate? Light, radiant damage etc.? I'm poking about looking for an appropriate route to go thematically. Heshtail, with the healing theme, will be well served with almost any choice I make, so I'm looking for an appropriate secondary trait.

Yes, radiant is perfect.


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