The Pantheon

Glatha, the Goddess of Earth, also known as the Mother, the Giver of Life, and the Holy Arbiter, is respected throughout the Crimson Veldt, particularly in the rugged northlands and among the dwarves. She counts among her followers the flora and fauna, and those who serve and protect life call on her for guidance and aid. Her symbol is the Marble Frond, and her domains are Earth, Law, Plant, and Animal.

Asalis, the God of Air, is the Wandering Wind, the Encircling Spirit, and the Mantle of Power. He is particularly worshipped in the Sands of Elui to the east of the Veldt, and by those who make their home in the high places. His symbol is the Golden Eagle, and his domains are Air, Good, Magic, and Travel.

Elawyr, Goddess of Water, is called the Shifting Sea, the Balm of the Deep, the Everpresent. She is revered by sailors, farmers, and all those who practice the healing arts. Her symbol is the Crystal Tear, and her domains are Water, Protection, Healing, and Chaos.

Laraoch, the God of Fire, is known as the Consuming Blaze, the Mighty Hand, and the Laughing Liar. His followers are diverse, seeking fortune across the Crimson Veldt with little regard for borders or boundaries. The Grand Temple of the Scarlet Flame is located in Astangard. His symbol is the bronze cross, and his domains are Fire, Evil, Luck, and Trickery.