2019 Pre-Season Discussion - Myth-Weavers

2019 Pre-Season Discussion

2019 Pre-Season Discussion

Get the conversation started for the coming year!

The Yahoo! league from last year has been renewed: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo...ue/mythweavers
It defaults to add the same players from last year, and we'll adjust the list as we know who is going to participate this year or not.

I think last year went well, and everyone was pretty competitive and engaged throughout the year. I don't think anyone had any problems with the FAAB system, and I would personally like to continue that route going forward. 10 or 12 teams would be better than 8, and so far it seems like we will have a pretty good showing.

To conduct a live online draft, we do again need to figure out what date and time works best for everyone. I personally like to put it as late as possible, after all pre-season games have ended, which this year would be after August 30 and before September 4. One of those weekend evenings is most likely going to work, and I'll make a poll to see what most people can do.

Any other thoughts or suggestions for the coming season?

To ping players who have already expressed interest for this year: @TheRoot @Scarecrow71 @Mindcrime @leons1701 @SirLoganofGilead @Doby @Nathan @Hammerfist

Last year's other players: @Basil_Bottletop @Kingpinpearce

First, you'll need my email address. Well, my yahoo one, anyhow. Which I will PM to you shortly.

Second, if that is the weekend of the draft I will have to autodraft as we will be in Utah with a bunch of our friends celebrating the end of summer.

Yeah, that ends up being Labor Day weekend, which isn't ideal for me either, but I am loathe to draft early if we can help it at all.

An alternative would be to do it after the weekend, on Monday or Tuesday night, depending on what's available for everyone.

Same as last year regarding the draft, Monday through Friday I'm available during the evening (starting at 6:00 pm). During the weekend I can be available pretty much anytime.

Sure, I'm still interested, especially if Basil plays (he's a PC in the only game I DM here on the weave). I can probably arrange to do an online draft just about any time except for August 31st. I've got another draft that day, and it I'm the commish in that league. Worst case scenario, I can just adjust my settings for an autodraft scenario, though I'd avoid that if at all possible.

August 29th and 30th I am unavailable due to moving, but pretty much any other time during a weekend or after 5PM Eastern on weekdays works for me.

Yeah, that weekend we are leaving Thursday afternoon and wont have internet until we get home monday night. If I have to aut draft, so be it!

I have a weird schedule, don’t try to work around me. I will do my best to be there. I will be gone August 17-25 though.

Labor Day weekend is bad for me, otherwise I can be pretty flexible. As long as the draft is after the 3rd preseason game I'm happy since most starters don't play in the 4th game.

Also, Fiery Gift is wanting to play too so I think we are one player closer to a decent size league

PS. I'm back for revenge this year Geek! I was robbed in the CHIP (Shakes Fist)

I sent invitations to the players that messaged me with email addresses. I've also updated the invitation link for anyone else who would like to join.


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