The Road Less Traveled

As Karn speaks, Astaban reaches down and pets the mane of the horse, then raises upright on the horse for a moment.

After Karn finishes, he slouches back down for a moment, then says, "I also do not know any of our fellow companions... other than Karn, who just introduced himself. My name is Astaban. I work with my father in a tavern in one of the City's... less favorable neighborhoods."

He turns to Karn and smiles for a second, then turns back to face the direction that the horse is traveling.

Sofia at first looked scared - maybe of the horse, maybe of her weapons, maybe of the prospect of riding into an abandoned mine... Maybe of all of the above. But you can't be scared all the time, so eventually she eased up and started to watch her companions discreetly. They sure made a strange group... When Karn started the introductions, Sofia chuckled and shook her head. From where she was standing (or, to be precise, riding) the man moved not "like a snake" but like a lazy cat.

"My name is Sofia... I'm not used to fighting, although at the temple we were taught to defend ourselves. I'm surprised I haven't seen any of you there."

Sofia's comment sparks interest enough to make the quiet Wyngrad speak up.

"So, Miss Sofia, you are the religious type?? Then maybe you can answer me a question. He lulls for a minute, making sure she's listening. "Then tell me, why do bad things happen to good people?"

Wyngrad looks nearly crying, but dead serious in his question.

Sogia frowned and seemed at a loss what to say at first. She didn't really understand why Wyngrad was adressing this question to her, but it seemed impolite to just stay silent.

"Why are you asking me that? Isn't it better to ask those people?"

"My name is Sikhandyn" Sikhandyn interrupts. "I am not much of a warrior, and I have been visiting libraries more often than temples over the last years. But books can teach you many things and tricks, some of which can be quite useful in combat."

The young man then brings his horse closer to Karn's, and engages in light conversation, secretly hoping to ask the monk for a sip of wine at some point.

Does Sofia have any holy symbol showing?
for Sofia

A little uncomfotable with the conversation between Sofia and Wyngrad, Karn interrupts, "At the temple? Elawyr, right? Good. We'll probably be needing your healing before this job is done."

With that he unties the jug, uncorks it, and lifts it to his mouth with one hand, holding onto the reins with the other. After taking a few good swallows, he gives a small belch. Glancing at Sikhandyn, the monk smiles, and holds out the jug to him.

'Forget it," Wyngrad says quietly. He then trots away just a little bit, and avoids eye contact, embarrassed at his outburst.


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