The Road Less Traveled

"I don't forsee running across anything substantial on this level here, but these mines have many surprises and we should take into account what we can't forsee in our plans as well. That's what doomed us the first time."

"I'm good at a 30 paces, but I don't have Wyngrad's crushing stroke with a sword. I'd rather someone who is comfortable up close here in the last row with me," she says looking up at Sikhandyn from where she is seated on the floor. "No offense Sikhandyn, but you don't strike me as the sort who would be the most comfortable in close quarters."

"Also," Layna continues, "the map should be closer to the front, in case the group gets separated. Methuselah probably could get you out of here by memory, but we saw his map," she flashes Methuselah a quick grin.

"Astaban and Karn sound like logical choice for the front row," Layna agrees. "But I'd give Methuselah the map and a torch in the second row. He's a solid fighter and can heal as the need requires."

"Sikhandyn and Sofia in the third row would be good for some range, magic, and healing as necessary," she says nodding to each of them in acknowledgement. "Wyngrad and I in the back row should protect our backside from anything that we pass by and becomes curious."

Marching Order Take III
Astaban, Karn
Methuselah (map, torch)
Sofia, Sikhandyn
Layna, Wyngrad

"I could live with that - if Wyngrad agrees. But putting our best fighter at the back does seem exaggerated."

"As to the map - I am sorry, but it will have to stay with Sofia, who rarely relies on weapons anyway. No offense, Methuselah... Besides, you already have the one you sketched this morning." the wizard says with a smile, turning to his new companion.

Sikhandyn then turns to the rest of the party to hear other members' thoughts.

"Well, Karn and Wyngrad could switch, but you said that Karn needs to be in the front to be effective, and we need Astaban's keen eyes there as well."

"It's fine by me if you're willing to risk stranding two of your group members should we get separated, but I am not willing to do that to Methuselah," Layna says levelly. "Perhaps Methuselah could come back to the back row with me and Sofia and Wyngrad could be in the second row and Sikhandyn alone in the third row," she offers.

Astaban, Karn
Wyngrad, Sofia (Map & Torch)
Methuselah, Layna

"Why not. Yes, I think that could work." Sikhandyn answers.

New marching order
Astaban, Karn
Wyngrad, Sofia (Map & Torch)
Methuselah, Layna

The wizard continues to look at his companions, eager to collect additional feedback.

Sofia follows the conversation about the marching order, turning from Sikhandyn to Layna as they discuss tactics and who of them should get attacked at first and who would be hiding behind the others. She worries her lip with her teeth but doesn't say anything, leaving the decisions to the people who thought themselves qualified to make them. Looking around at her companions, all extremely serious and concentrated, she lets out a short uneasy laugh and fiddles with her hair.

"We won't be able to plan for any contingency or mishap. I think we're as prepared as we are going to be, so it's better to just start the exploration."

OOCGoing once, going twice, gone!

"Agreed." Sikhandyn nods.

"Let's get moving then."

OOC to MordaeThe party proceeds using the new marching order and slowly makes its way towards the ramp indicated by Layna.

As they begin walking Layna says to the group, "Just don't go chasing off after things. The last time the kobolds led us into a trap."

The group opens the south door and walks carefully through, mindful of the dangers that lay before them. The horses wait patiently, trusting (perhaps unwittingly) in your safe return.

OOCHere ends The Road Less Traveled. The next chapter, Delvers in the Dark, begins now.


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