General OOC three days on a venitlator and a round of hospital administered IV antibiotics later, I think I'm back. Let me read through and catch up on some things, provided Tobie is still needed.

Yeeouch! That's a REALLY stubborn bout of pneumonia. Hope you are feeling better and on your way to a full recovery (I know it can take a while to return to fully normal after a battle like that with pneumonia... and I had a mild case!)

I didn't realize I was that sick. Just knew I couldn't shake it.

You're absolutely welcome back. Just take care of yourself, OK? A little bit at a time.

Yikes! Get better soon, and take it easy for a few days.

*hugs Mz*
Glad you're better.

@Gaining ground, any input on Eberhart's various stratagems?

mzipser - if you're planning on pursuing Victoria any further, let me know; otherwise, I'll get her out of the scene so the group can talk more freely.

If we want her "out of he scene" I'm sure at this point Talia or Layna would happily oblige.

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