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Bon voyage, mes amis! Amusez-vous en Bretagne!

Here, Talia Talia Talia...

sounds like something Tobie would say...

Just FYI on the timing of the event: the dresses (and hats!) will be ready in three days. The dance is not tomorrow; I'm not seeing that I specified it anywhere, but my personal guesstimate is somewhere in the week-ish range.

Not that Layna paid attention to those silly details... and she would certainly be trying to extract herself and Talia from the torture. Drunken thugs sound far more interesting

I just spent three days in the hospital thinking I had maybe a small heart attack. They threw every cardiac test in the book at me, including a cardiac cath. (Apparantly, those of us that are "blessed in the chest" have the added bonus of having breast tissue press against the chest wall during a nuclear stress test and it looks like a heart blockage, thus winning you a cardiac catheterization so that they can confirm that there is nothing wrong.) They told me that my heart is healthy and are pinning this down to a major anxiety attack, but let me tell you, that sure as hell isn't what it felt like.

I've never had one before. It woke me up out of a deep sleep, it scared the crap outta me, and I don't care to ever have another one, please and thank you.

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