General OOC

Not trying to be a rules lawyer. Just pointing it out for future reference. I didn't think it'd matter much this time. Not against 2 kobolds.

No problem. I had missed that. Good to know for future reference.

I am sorry if I'm being an tactical idiot, but is there some point of turning the zombies who are behind a closed door? Which is, by the way, impossible, since I have no line of effect to them O.o

The kobolds came in through that door, and I don't recall seeing them close it behind them. Plus we all made spot checks to see them (the zombies), so I'm assuming the door was open.

Then again, maybe I can blame that whiff on the door being closed...

Hmm, I guess I need a better way to indicate open doors, eh? For the next version of the map, I'll represent open doors with lighter, dotted lines and closed doors with the double lines.

UPDATE: I've replaced the original map as described. Hopefully this clears things up; Sofia, Karn, and Wyngrad have a line of sight to the first of the two zombies; Layna, Astaban, and Sikhandyn can see both. Methuselah is out in the hallway and thus can't see.

^^ grabs the dice roller by the throat and squeezes slowly to enjoy the moment.

We need a contest... longest streak of crappy roles. That dice roller better get its act together before we encounter anything that can actually hurt us. That or my next incarnation is going to be an evoker. Save for half damage at least means they take *some* damage. No more of this waving my sword around like some silent movie out of the 30s.... unless of course things keel over dead out of fear. I'm ok with that.

I don't know what you're talking about. My dice took a turn for the better.

I'm all for the testing who has the longest run of crappy dice rolls. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to injure myself straining to see my shadow.

~~~Worst Case Scenario~~~
*Methuselah leads the group through a swamp, for whatever reason they allowed him to be in front. He steps on a few squishy leaves, but nothing more, for his move silent check was 18.*
*The rest of the party each roll nat 1's on move silently, accidently finding themselves playing musical instruments, setting off flares, and cutting down all vegetation with chainsaws that they somehow found and/or made and/or bought.*
*Methuselah leads them to a clearing just outside the swamp to the top of a high hill and examines the horizon, seeing the beautiful landscape.*
*The rest of the group rolls nat 1's and look all around the sky, trying to find a good spot to sit.*
*Methuselah leads everyone to a pool where we decide to go swimming and wash off some of the collected sweat.*
*Everyone rolls nat 1's on their swim check 5 times in a row and drown in the shallow end of the lake.*

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