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Hey, everyone! Thank-you very much for your offerings of condolences -- I accept them gratefully. I got back home late Thursday night, but I had to work on Friday. I will definitely have time to catch up and post today. Unfortunately, I found out Friday that I have to go out of town for work Monday through Thursday of this next week. So, after my catch-up post, my posting might be spotty at best.

As my own heads-up, Merlana and I are out of town 8/12-19 for a family visit + GenCon. Expect no posting (and perhaps be pleasantly surprised).

Hey, guys and gals. Just to let you know (if you haven't heard), a hurricane is threatening my city once again. So, we've been busy with emergency preparations and plans. We've decided that if it stays a category 2, or under, we're going to hunker down and wait it out. If it jumps up to a cat 3, there will be a mandatory evacuation and we'll have to leave. Either way, posting will spotty for at least a week (maybe more). Hopefully all goes well!

Able to jump on for a bit. We seem to be split in time. Karn hasn't been away all that long but others seem to have been back at work and almost ready to meet our pals.

Trying to rectify the gaps now. I really didn't expect this separation to continue for so long... :P Shows what I know.

EDIT: To complicate it further, Tobie and Astaban are "ahead" of Karn, but Layna and Talia are "behind". Tricky balance here...

We finally got the electricity turned back on yesterday afternoon, and we're safely at home. We spent most of yesterday cleaning, and all of today relaxing. The city has been making good progress, but the lines at the gas stations and grocery stores are still longer than usual (which is to be expected). I'm off of work tomorrow for Labor Day, so I'll have time to catch up in all of my games.

I did have quite a frightening experience though, which I'll try and write in detail at some point. But basically I had to go out in the hurricane to rescue my father-in-law from flood waters 20 something miles away in the middle of the night. But all is well.

Guess I'm caught up to Tobie and Astaban. How long before we need to go to our meeting with my 'friends'?

Apologies that this game seems to have lost some focus. I'm working to remedy that now.

Looks like Sandy is starting to hit here. It's possible we may lose power tonight or tomorrow for a while.

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