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Hurricane moving through here. I'll post as I can.

Same situation here. Lost power but its back on. Don't expect to have power tomorrow. Good luck, Mordae!

And the power is off at our place, plus we lost a tree that luckily fell away from the house. I am at work, but Mike won't have access till the power comes back.

He's welcome to join us in McLean; we got lucky and never lost power. Of course, we have the kids at home...

Thanks! You're actually closer than we thought. They call us Vienna, but we are really between Reston & Great Falls. Used to live in King's Manor in McLean though. And my sister still has power, so he can go there if needed. They say ours will be restored sometime today. I'm not holding my breath.

Yeah, we just drove past your area on the way to Sterling. Chick-fil-A may not fit with my politics, but they have nice indoor play areas for kids to get out their wiggles after two days inside.

Yep. I'm baaaaack

All my family in NJ lost power, some also lost siding and have leaky roofs. My dad got called in to deal with imbiciles that didn't fill the fuel tank on the emergency generators for the university's computer servers... But all in all everything ok.

Yeah, NJ, NY got hit alot worse than DC. Hope all is well.

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