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Plans... guidelines...

What, you thought Karn could stick to a plan? And of course Layna and Methuselah are wildcards... Don't worry, we still have you covered.

More than happy to bring it up IC when/if you find out we moved...

Okay, so first the wink to indicate that I hold no grudge, and actually enjoy playing wth you...

And then the friendly warning that I'm going to roleplay this and it's not going to be pretty.

Seriously, ask yourself if such attitude from someome who joins a group is acceptable.

She has a good point, though... you don't know that they've moved (yet). Make sure your RP doesn't take into account any metagaming.

Will our cowardly villain escape the clutches of justice? Will slow-footed Methuselah make it in time to save the fair sister from his home temple? Tune in this week for the next episode of... As the Mine Turns!

For practical purposes, maybe we need a thread devoted to Layna-Sikhandyn fights

I never was a great fan of metagaming... Actually, I even refrained from reading Sub-group 2's posts after Sikhandyn gave them his instructions.
--> I only discovered their move when you published the new map.

As it is - under the current conditions, and if everyone plays his/her character in a rational way - it seems extremely unlikely that my character will not find out what happened, and I will let you guess why.

Of course, I fully expect it to come out. Just not necessarily the first words out of your mouth.

No offense taken, and I hope none given. I am enjoying being part of this campaign.

Not trying to be evasive here, but seeing as the reasoning is IC there's little to say over here other than admit I did see the plan, had every intention of sticking to it OOC, and knowingly had Layna deviate from it. That said, it was certainly not an attempt on my (OOC) part to be difficult or contrary. There were sound (in Layna's mind) IC reasons, which she will certainly share when it comes up. It might not even seem as bad as it does now.

And to answer your question. I think everyone here is out for the best of the group. As Layna said a while back, she sat back and did what her first group said and they all got killed. She's not going to sit back and not do what she feels is right to try and conform. So yes, this is exactly the type of thing Layna (and I'd hope any of us) would do.

Sort of a shame that we didn't have the whole venture here to get to know each other a bit better. I doubt Layna would seem quite as difficult and enigmatic if people had gotten to know her.

Merlana - you are quite possibly the best roleplayer in this group. You bring a clear, unique value to the game; your posts are always high quality and well thought-out. To keep it short, you are an exceptional find, and the campaign would not be as rich and interesting without you.

This is absolutely no flattery. It's a fact.

Regarding Layna: I understand that, in her previous adventure, she sat back, did what her previous group said, and watched them all die. But by not conforming this time, I think we have actually raised the probability of a similar outcome.

It is going to be exceptionally difficult for Sikhandyn (if and after he hears of this) and Layna to stay in the same group beyond this adventure. This is the only realistic IC outcome.

So I'm completely stuck, because as I said, you are one of the very best roleplayers we've got in this great campaign.

Originally Posted by Leonidas1789 View Post
It is going to be exceptionally difficult for Sikhandyn (if and after he hears of this) and Layna to stay in the same group beyond this adventure. This is the only realistic IC outcome.
Your employers might hold different opinions

Thanks for the compliment.

Heck, a group full of humans is hardly Layna's idea of fun. The only thing that might be worse is a group full of elven wizards

Let's just see how this plays out IC. It may be that there is a complete difference of opinion even then (everything is open to interpretation, after all), but breaking from the plan is not something Layna (or I) would have done without good reason. Let's not start the "101 reasons I hate Sikhandhyn/Layna" list quite yet.

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