General OOC

lol @bucheonman's last post.

Too bad I could not get away with such a post myself, I was extremely tempted.

Oh my God! That is the second nat 20 I've rolled in this game. It's going to stink when the other hammer comes down and I start crit missing everything.

Now that we're a few weeks into the game... how do you guys think it's going? Too fast? Too slow? Needs something?

I'm trying to go for a balance of setting the scene and giving you time to RP, and moving along the adventure so you can discover more of the plotline. Let me know if it's working, or if you have ideas for improvement.

For me, it's working very well, and I'm hooked! I'm fine with the pace, and extremely happy with the game in general.

How are you enjoying it? And do you have preferences/suggestions, or are you okay with what you see.

This game is good and we seem to have a group of people who post frequently and are trying hard to develop their characters.

I like the game although I don't post as often as some people. It's just that Sofia is feeling so useless and disoriented right now -_- I love roleplaying her though, even if some people seem to forgo this part.

Btw, if any of you or your characters are annoyed at Wyngrad, I am sorry, but this is the way I'd like to play him.

He's barely old enough to even be a level 1 character, and he is truly starting from scratch. he has a lot to learn, he's a bit pouty, he's weak-willed, etc. But I will change that as he gets experienced.

Actually, missing wildly against that badger was almost a good thing. It cemented what I have been trying to RP for a while now.

I can't say I'm annoyed at the character... Rather at your rather... erm... laconic way of roleplaying him. And more surprised than annoyed.

I'm enjoying it. The RP part really seems like these characters (and they all seem like quite well developed characters), who are just thrown together are just starting to get to know each other. That doesn't happen quickly and I think it being RPed well. I know that Karn and Sikhandyn have bonded a bit (over the booze ) and Karn is starting to see a bit more of the others - for example, he's beginning to feel a bit protective about Sofia and impressed with Annette.


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