General OOC


Karn's sheet is updated.

And updating character sheet accordingly.

I updated the sheet and the spells... The IC post I'll make when we're on the road again.

Should I interpret the silence as the group being taciturn and wanting to continue movement onward, or is it lack of availability to post? I do note that we don't have too many chatty characters (aside from perhaps Karn?), so even if you have nothing to say, a bit of RP'ed silence helps me know that everyone is still engaged.

Hopefully Laime will be better soon, but I will NPC her as necessary in the meantime.

I just think anything I say now will just be filler.

I am waiting for the DM to advance the story. Either next encounter (RP or battle) or arrival at the mine.

I agree with the above... not much to add after your last post, and am waiting for you to advance the storyline along past the "we travel for days upon end."

It's funny how Wyngrad is not some mighty warrior, but sort of a bumbling kid. He never hits.

AC 12 may hit a zombie, but I am not counting on it.

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