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I think WotC just confused the issue by implying there were any one-handed implement staves. I'd rather think you can use a staff as an implement in one hand (either hand) but you have to hold it in two to use it as an effective weapon. And yes they can be enchanted with weapon enchantments, but those generally aren't very useful if the staff will be used primarily as an implement.

Exactly. Staves can be used one handed as implements, this can be confirmed by the fact that a fix was issued last month for the character generator to allow dual wielding staves as implements. And the issue of more enchantments is largely a non-issue, most weapon enchantments are of limited use to wizards, outside of a few unusual builds.

Short question, can a swordsage or warblade prepare the same maneuver multiple times? So far I have been going with No but can anybody confirm this?

If you are single class, no you cannot. The Sage answered this question. If you are a multiclass Swordsage / Warblade, I do allow it as I find nothing in the text forbidding it. If a character was a Sorcerer / Wizard multiclass, would you let them have magic missile as both a wizard and sorcerer spell? Of course. (Granted it would be pointless, but it is legal.)

If you're a multiclass Martial Adept, you can't know the same power more than once, so you can't prepare it more than once.

4e: Grab.

If a creature is grabbed, the grab is ended by a push/pull/slide that moves it out of reach.

If a power (e.g., Wolf Pack Tactics or Covering Attack) grants the grabbed creature a shift, can he take the shift and does it end the grab?

Shift=/= push/pull/slide. Push/pull/slide is unwilling movement, it's forced.

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Says who?
The same reason you can't ready it twice. It's already known.

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