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88,000gp I think.

3.5 Q: Anyone know if there is an improved version of Magic Missile? One that can produce more missiles, perhaps?
If you're looking for force damage, there's
Spell Compendium
blast of force, but that's one missile.
You're probably looking for
Spell Compendium also
chain missile, which hits normal targets, then extra targets, with the same damage as magic missile.
Guess where it's from?
force missiles, which is like magic missile, but 2d6 damage/missile.

question about the Duskblade here...I see the Spells/Day list, but nowhere is there a Spells Known list...what's the deal?

Page 19-20, "Spells Known". And their total spell list is on pg. 24.

so am i reading it right, in that they only start with 2 0th and 2 1st-level spells, and then only LEARN 1 additional spell per level?

...meaning, at 10th level, the Duskblade only knows 13 TOTAL spells?

Question - Does the feat Farshot and the weapon magic ability Distance stack with each other? I don't see anywhere in the rules that would say they don't. One increases range increment of the weapon by 2x, and the other allows the user to get a further shot out of the weapon itself, at least as far as I understand.

Is this correct?

Please post the system for the convenience of those answering your questions. Is this D&D 4e?

If they were typed bonuses, they would be a Feat bonus and an Enhancement bonus respectively, yet there isn't any reason to think they are typed, so in both cases yes they do stack.

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