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Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
Hmmm... Would Wings of Cover from Races of the Dragon work for this?
It'd probably end up Dispelled, then the effect would pass through it anyways. You'd need a non magical barrier that completely blocks LoE. The only practical way to do that is Shrink Item, and you need your own Contingent Dispel on that because if you let the Game Disjunction trigger it, it's already too late to block it from affecting you.

Actually, a contingent Celerity might work. From inside an AMF, have (Greater?) Celerity trigger if / when the AMF crumbles for any reason.

Are there any races/templates that grant good enough spell resistance?

Good enough for what? Probably one of the best would be Pixie. 15+Class Levels is pretty darn nice. But the race is only useful in really high ECL games, or gestalt.

It's extremely difficult to get SR that means anything at all, much less 'good enough spell resistance'. After all, a fourth level Swift action spell gives +10 on all checks. Add single feats and/or cheap items for more bonuses. You only need 4 more to counter 15 + level. Especially since level in this case means HD/character levels, not level adjustment. In other words, you actually have less.

Anyone know of a relatively easy, permanent-ish way (IE feat, magic item, etc) to get a natural weapon?

Warshaper's class ability Morphic Weapons is simple one. It let's get one as needed.

Any ways that don't involve particular classes or races?

Becoming a zombie gets you a slam attack. ^^U

As I recall, there are a few feats from Races of the Dragon that could get you one of a few natural attacks. You may be able to qualify for one of them using some feat to become dragon-kin... or something. And I think one of the dragon grafts gives you claws.

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