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No, metamagic rods cannot affect invocations or eldritch blast. Those rods only work on spells. Takes the meta-SLA feats like Maximize SLA, Quicken SLA, etc. if you want to beef up your blast.

I am not quite sure about this but the ring of chaotic fury would still grant the area of effect protection from cloak of chaos to people 20 feet from me correct or would it only apply to me(in that case wearer of the ring)?

What book is the awakened animal template found in? 3.5e

Is there a race that gives you a bonus to wisdom, or contrarily are there any feats/other stuff that would make my druids spells non-wisdom based

Plenty of races that give stuff to wisdom. Of course, I don't think that there are any non-core +0 LA races that give bonuses to wisdom.
What you can do:
Ask your DM to house rule a feat that gives alternate ability spellcasting
Theres the Aasimar, Doppelganger, Githzerai, Kuo-Toa, Mindflayer, and Pixie in the MM
Wild Gnomes (not sure where thats from)
There's probably a bunch more, but that's all I found now. All of the above have varying amounts of LA.

Bouman from Planar Handbook. +2 Wis, -2 Cha, but you have a mandatory vow of silence.

Shifter(Dreamsight) from Eberron campaign setting get +2 Wis and can talk to animals for free.

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