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Where is that rule, is it in errata?

SWSE CORE P 150: "This higher Strength modifier does not apply to light weapons."

Either it is light or it is not. You can't have it both ways, taking the benefits of light weapons but ignoring this disadvantage.
Knights of the Old Republic, and the errata slightly changes the rule by removing “for the purpose of Weapon Finesse” at the end of the rule.


D&D 3.5 spell protection from evil says that anyone of evil alignment can not -touch- you.
Does that include ranged touch attack spells?

firstly, it only outright blocks bodily contact from SUMMONED creatures
secondly, no
ranged touch effects are not affected by that clause (though the deflection bonus should help a bit)

What size is a sheet of parchment or paper in 3.5e? What size is a page of spellbook, in comparison?
I can't find my copy of Arms and Equipment Guide, so can someone check whether there is a price for a normal book there?

What age level of Red Dragon could a lvl 17 Barbarian defeat by itself?

Depends on how he's built and how the DM's running the dragon. Also, does the barbarian have surprise? Can the dragon fly? When you say defeat, do you mean can definitely do it? Has an even chance of surviving? Could happen, if the dragon never rolls over a one and the barbarian always rolls twenties?

the battle is in a cave, tall enough for the dragon, and this is supposing an ok build of barbarian, not crazy, average.

I want it to be moderately challenging

He might be able to take a juvenile. Probably not a young adult. Definitely not an adult.

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