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D&D 3.5; Exotic weapons; The repeating crossbow.

A crossbow is perhaps the simplest ranged weapon to use (until the invention of the 'stone' or 'rock')

So why does giving it a 5 bolt clip and a reloading handle make it an exotic weapon? You would think that it would instead be reduced to below simple status by taking away most of the difficulty in reloading it, simplest perhaps.

I understand the idea that having a reloading mechanism might make it unusual, but why does that effect proficiencies in core rules?

I believe it was more of a decision for balance than for any real-world equivalent, but it would also make sense that it would be more difficult to reload the clip. Sure, it would be easier, in theory, for someone to reload the crossbow for those first 5 bolts, but then after that it would probably take some special knowledge.

If anyone has a better answer, please jump in!

Operating it is simple, understanding it is harder? not really sure...

Operation is simple, reloading is a pain. Even with a clip, trying to re-arm an 80-pound draw takes a moment or two; adding the crank or a footstrap makes it easier, but also slightly more complicated.

Just a guess, but it made sense to me!

The ammunition feed mechanism is manifestly not the primary modification necessary to convert a conventional crossbow to a repeating crossbow. That modification is in the means by which the bow is drawn.

Also repeating crossbows seem to be implying that they are the later, more ridiculous weapons that featured arcane spring arrangements to pull back the cord, or multiple bowstrings, and as such were a pain in the ass to reload. Loading a clip of bolts into a weapon and then cranking/keying/winding back enough force for 5 shots even with a simple modern day mechanism sounds like it would take 6 seconds at least.

Yet none of this explains why its hard to aim the damn thing. As the only penalty for not having a proficiency is the inability to shoot straight.

I'm gonna go with the first answer that its a balance thing. Then completely ignore balance in any game I DM.

In other games I'll just have to resort to casting Launch Bolt without ever buying a crossbow bolt.

Further discussions of repeating crossbows (and the game rules representing them) probably exceed the intent of the Quick Q&A thread, but if someone wanted to create another thread to address those issue, I'd be interested in following and contributing to that discussion.

that is something that always happens whenever I ask a question here...

Lets do that, maybe increase the scope to cover other exotic weapon weirdness.

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