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Originally Posted by FAQ
Rogue weapon talent requires you to “wield” a particular weapon. What does this mean?
Wielding means you must be using that weapon in the attack. Merely holding it while you attack with another weapon isn’t enough to qualify for any bonuses that result.
That is all.

FAQ is not actually a valid rules source, by WotC's own heirarchy. It is an opinion.

edit: in case of a contradiction (such as this issue of the FAQ attempting to change the definition of a word), the heirarchy is as follows:
Official Errata, body of text
Official Errata, table entry
Most Recently Published Supplement featuring the material, body of text
Most Recently Published Supplement featuring the material, table entry
Previously Published Supplements featuring the material, body of text
Previously Published Supplements featuring the material, table entry
everything else (this section includes such things as FAQs and CustServ responses)

If the FAQ was changing the definition of a word, that word would need to be defined somewhere higher in the hierarchy of sources. Show me where. The dictionary doesn't count, because use is a valid meaning of wield, and would fall under everything else anyhow.

Before I start:
I thank you all helping me so far in all my 3.5e questions.

So I got something to ask; If I gestalt to Wildshape Ranger and Shifter Druid, can I add my Shifter Druid bonuses to my Wildshaped form? Somebody said it doesn't stack, but I can't find anything on the Rules Compendium about it..

Question: Not asking for optimization or anything, but with a 'set-abilities' roll I rolled a character with godly on Str, Dex, and Con, and 9, 10, and 9 on wis, int, and cha.

Does anyone have suggestions for which class I should take?

Good stats for a hulking fighter type of character whether it is 3.5 or not.

Kerim, run with a non-caster. Any caster wouldn't be able to know a spell above 0 level with those stats.

I'm looking for a D&D 3.5 book that talks about the brass city (Efreet) and the way Genies set up their societies. I remember reading it awhile back in the game shops library, but I don't remember the name of it.

Anyone have any guesses?

Yeah, it wasn't the one I was looking for. I've checked;
  • Manual of the Planes
  • The Planar Handbook

Whatever it was, contained a lot of info about the Djinn. I am wondering if it was put out by TSR.

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