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Nah. I'm okay with him now.

Warforged Battlefist from the Eberron Campaign Setting sounds like what you're looking for.

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
Warforged Battlefist from the Eberron Campaign Setting sounds like what you're looking for.
This guy got it. It's from ECS and it's a warforged upgrade. Eligible for Weapon/Item Familiar, I believe.

Kay, thanks. I wonder if I'm going into melee that much, though.

Another question: As I decided to let the familiars be the 'angel and demon' on his shoulder, Can familiars be of a different alignment than their owners?

Yes. Only if you're in the middle of their Axis since a familiar needs to be at least one step way from your own. So LE and LG familiar would require you to be LN, CG and LG require you to be NG, etc...

Alright. So I'll have a NG Weapon Familiar, and a NE normal one. (Just because normal familiars don't get EGO scores.)

I'm just would like a rules clarification on potion making in Pathfinder. If I brew up more then one potion and their total costs does not exceed 250gp base price, does it only take 2 hours to make them all, or does it take 2 hours per?
Logically I would think if they where they same, making a higher quantity of potion would not take that much longer, where as if they were different, it might take more time if there wasn't enough tools to brew more then one. But logic and game rules don't necessarily see eye to eye.

Here's another one:

I currently have the artificer built (mostly)

I have 9000 GP, and am allowed to have 3 crafted items (for the rest I'll have to just buy them)

What are the best things I could buy? (XP costs don't matter)

Question: I just downloaded Hero Lab Demo version, but can't seem to find the option to save characters I build with it. Is that just not included in the Demo, or am I just overlooking the big flashing Neon Sign that says "Over here dummy."

If the latter, where is that Neon sign anyway?

It's the former. It's because it's a Demo./

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