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few more 4e clarifications:

Intelligence no longer grants bonus languages- correct? (didn't see this anywhere)
Cat familars can exist independently from its master- is this limited to the same plane of existence? (IE can I have an abyssal cat that hangs out in the depths of hell? =x)

No bonus languages for intelligence, no. This is probably to help make language actually matter in game, and helps stress the points of light setting.

It says no range limit, so presumably this includes planes as well.

You're correct on the first statement.
On the 2nd, I suppose that works as written. On the other hand, it might be easier to just burn a feat on skill training Acrobatics to get +5, instead of the +2 your absentee familiar provides.

oh the cat that hangs out in the flaming depths of hell is actually just a thing I wanted for a character Thanks for the advice though

Correct, you merely start with the languages for your race.

I don't have martial powers, but according to the description...yes.

Doesn't say your cat can't take trips to hell or even heaven if it wanted to. But your DM might have something to say about your cat taking planar trips.

Well, yeah. The cat still has to find a way to get there. But if you have access to some sort of planar travel, there's nothing that stops your cat from going there.

Now, if I were the DM, the cat probably wouldn't last very long in hell, but that has nothing to do with the fact that it's a familiar and everything to do with the fact that it's a rather fragile critter in a very bad place.

Ok, I'm feeling fairly retarded today.

How do I join a game? On the "sheets" page when I click "add to game", the game I am trying to add to doesn't show up. I am subscribed to the forum, and am at my wits end. Will someone please tell me what I am overlooking.

You need to go to the forum, click on the Game Profile and hit Join Game. After the GM accepts you, you'll be able to add sheets and so on.

Alternately, there may not be a "join" button if the game isn't set to accepting. In which case, you need to be invited by the GM.

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